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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

You're a badass. Your website isn't.

I help creative entrepreneurs craft websites that stand OUT so that they can SELL out their services and raise their rates.

Because the truth is:

To raise your rates, you need to level up your website.

The goal is to attract high-quality clients automatically with your website.

And I can help.

 The WWW Website Package: Connecting the dots between the Ws

Craft a website that reflects your brand, attracts the right clients effortlessly, and grows your “net” worth.

In a noisy online world where you're constantly being sold the "it" system for six-figure success and being told that you have to do certain tactics in a certain way in order to grow your business, I look for your individual zone-of-genius, your unique perspective, and your specific business goals to craft YOUR strategic and STANDOUT webSIGHT.





More than a collection of pages on the World Wide Web, a webSIGHT is a cohesive visual + verbal representation of a brand, forming a digital landmark or monument that users perceive as professional, personable, and high-performing. It stands the test of internet time.

antonyms: webslight - insignificant, insubstantial, inconsequential, and ignored.


About Crafting Creative

Intentional. Rebellious. User-Friendly.

I always thought creativity was something only artists possessed and that artists were born with a “special something” that the rest of us didn’t get. I was a total math and science nerd. As the valedictorian of my high school, I knew how to “play the game” to get the straight A’s. But I didn’t know how to use my creative side. I relied almost entirely on logic-oriented thinking. 

Until I went to NYU and and became a film student. This required me to activate that untapped right side of my brain and learn how to think creatively (not just critically). This was, as you can imagine, more intellectually challenging than anything I had ever done. But it was also the most rewarding.

Even though I understand now that creativity is a skill that can be learned, I still don’t fully accept myself as a “creative”. I still battle those fraudy feelings of the Imposter Syndrome almost daily. And it was for this reason that I named my design business “Crafting Creative”.

The word “craft” means an activity or experience involving great skill. It’s about becoming more skilled in a specific area. So, for me, Crafting Creative is about honing that skill of creativity and crafting websites for creative entrepreneurs. 

Because there IS a difference between CRAFTING a websight and designing a website. The difference being that I employ a comprehensive process that crafts your competitive contrast, your copy, and the cohesive container that houses it all and becomes your digital storefront that stands the test of time.


About My Journey

An unconventional approach.

I developed my expertise largely through trial and error (and necessity). I've always had this belief that I can learn to do anything and so, when I needed to make money ASAP, I found 99designs (where you submit web or graphic designs in a contest-like scenario). 

I had taken a web design class at NYU and even had a certificate in front-end development from a local university outside of Seattle, but I had never before designed + built websites for professional purposes. I really had no idea what I was doing but I learned as I went (and fast). 

I built 10 websites in 10 days. None of them were accepted but I did have a decent portfolio that I used to get my first corporate job as a web designer for a small software company. Fast forward.

I started working remotely as a UX (user experience) designer for a startup agency and discovered the magical hidden world of “online entrepreneurship”. During those 15 months, I refined my skills at crafting user-friendly sites, while slowly building Crafting Creative.

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And, when I was unexpectedly laid off, I decided to try to make it full time. (Luckily for me, I didn’t have to because I was offered another remote position as the lead marketing designer of a growing SaaS company).

But I couldn’t shake that feeling like the ground could move out from under me at any second. And the knowing that job security doesn’t exist and that the only way to feel truly safe + stable might actually be to take the “risk” of building an online business.

I have an unrelenting drive to create “job security” for myself – to build up an online business that can support me and my family if I ever need or want it to. This has become more than a curious experiment, it’s something that I’m driven to do.

And I imagine that you feel something similar. Hopefully your passion of pursuing an online business didn’t begin with a losing your job. Regardless of how it began, I bet you’re doing it for largely the same reasons as I am… live a life of greater freedom + ease on your own terms.

The challenge then becomes, how do you stand out from the din of this crowded corner of the internet?

How do you attract more of your ideal clients on a consistent basis (without working twice as many hours as you would in a corporate gig)?


The struggle is real.

But so is the solution...

 design flourish

I started out offering the "standard set of design services"

AKA the branding package and the website package…


Because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. And I tried to project the kind of personality that I thought I SHOULD have online.

But I soon realized that being different and creating a brand that STANDS OUT is the key to creating something of value. Only YOU can create freedom and ease in your life by taking charge of your story and building a life on your own terms. Experiment often. Dare to be different.

I help you craft a standout website because the status quo is SO over.

Wanna know the key foundational piece to your future freedom vision?

  1. A website that showcases you as a standout brand and attracts clients that are happy to pay higher rates for your services.


Just for fun:

10 things about me:

  1. I believe in PEOPLE over profits. Always. And I want to leave a positive feeling with everyone I interact with.
  2. I've traveled to over a dozen countries and lived in over a dozen cities across the US and abroad.
  3. I'm not afraid to do the unconventional or experiment to get the results I want (for example: deciding to "live" in the NYU library my senior year so that I could get extra scholarship money for an apartment).
  4. I've always felt like the awkward ugly duckling, and the opposite of beautiful.
  5. My zone of genius is to uncover the connecting threads, to find the underlying formulas or patterns that lead to the best results and use those as the creative spine in my own work #WorkSmarterNotHarder.
  1. I don't care about the mainstream or what other people are doing, I do my own thing and I don’t let trends and fads affect my work or life.
  2. I’m always trying to move forward and improve myself and want to learn and grow and evolve through my interactions.
  3. I want to live a LIBERATED LIFE where I’m free to spend more time traveling, focusing on wellness, making memories with my husband, and doing good in the world.
  4. I’m the “Secret Weapon” doing nimble and creative work behind-the-scenes without the need for accolades or hand-holding.
  5. I strive to create amazingly valuable content and game-changing programs that help my clients + students take big leaps and transformations in their businesses.

And a few things I'm not:

  • I’m NOT a carnivore, a capitalist, or a conservative. Fuck the patriarchy.
  • I’m NOT content to follow the status quo or to blindly accept authority.
  • I’m NOT the life of the party or a bright shiny extrovert.

What next?

If you've read this far, we're probably meant to be.

 Learn how to write, plan, and build a strategic homepage that automatically attracts and engages more potential clients. You’ll get my step-by-step copy template, page layout, and video masterclass.

Free Masterclass:

Craft your Standout + Sellout Homepage

For service-based creatives that want to raise their rates, build brand buzz, and attract more top-tier clients. You’ll get my conversion-focused copy template, page layout blueprint, and video masterclass.

 I've been published on the Being Boss blog, the Freelance to Freedom Project, The Rising Tide Society, and featured as one of the top 100 websites by One Woman Shop.