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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

It's about freedom...

the freedom to define success on your own terms.


I feel you.

You dream of breaking free from the hustle but you can’t seem to shake that persistent fear in the back of your mind that you’ll have to go back to your corporate gig if this turns out to be more of a hobby than a viable business.

It feels like you never have enough time to implement #allthethings. It ends up taking you months to get something done the way you want it. You feel like your efforts are trial-and-error and it's difficult to pinpoint what the most successful methods are for designing your site to convert.

You've tried courses, coaches, masterminds, and vague “branding” tactics in the past, but this is all feeling a little too “woo” for your liking.


You’re soo over the term "heart-centered entrepreneur" and the whole manifesting thing, while it's great, it's not enough.

You’re craving a really strategic approach and purposeful design that focuses on obtaining your business goals. And you need the clarity, guidance, and structure to achieve them.

  • You're ready to be seen as an influencer in your niche (because, hey, you've got the skills and you do great work).
  • You dream of being booked out with a list of eager beaver clients.
  • You want a steady cash flow and the momentum to take your business to that next level (and no I'm not talking 7-figures, I'm talking leveraging your time, chica, that most precious resource).


My dream for you…

  • There’s no more fear that you’ll fail and have to go back to a corporate gig because your website is attracting more of your dream peeps.
  • Your business is consistently bringing in clients and you’re ready to launch a more leveraged product to your audience.
  • You no longer feel that gnawing guilt that you’re ignoring your friends and family because you're not endlessly tweaking your site.
  • You finally have the white space to nourish those parts of yourself that you’ve had to let go as you’ve been focusing on your hustle 24/7.
  • You’re getting glowing reviews from your clients and they’re referring all of their business friends to you because you're a legit business.

All of this because you got serious about crafting your digital storefront to provide the best experience for your visitors in a way that made you stand out as an expert and encouraged others to share your stuff.


I'm your website secret weapon

I help you ditch the website shame and step into your role as CEO by crafting a site that's engineered to capture and convert. Together we cut through the bullshit and get strategic with your site so you can spend more time working with the clients you love.

By getting clear on your overall business strategy before the design begins, we're able to intentionally design a web experience that skyrockets your credibility and attracts your dream clients.

I first worked in graphic design for a newspaper over a decade ago before moving to New York City. While pursuing my BFA I worked as the design + advertising coordinator for a non-profit. But my real "career" didn't start until years later when I built 10 websites in 10 days, landing a job as a web designer for a software startup. From there I moved up “the corporate ladder” to work as a UX designer for investor-focused public companies.



About the process...


Wanna see an example of my work? Just click this image to view the full page.

This is content-first, goal-driven design

Unlike many other designers that start with “branding” (doing colors, fonts, and other aesthetic choices), I always start with the copy. I use a content-first approach to design because my number one priority when designing a website isn’t the looks, it’s the user experience.

By crafting a delightful experience for your users (or visitors, readers, audience, etc.), you’ll not only keep them coming back, but you’ll position yourself as someone that’s credible (showcasing your badass skillset) and crave-worthy (making your users feel compelled to sign up for your list).

Phase 1: Exploration

Each project starts with Clarity + Connection. We'll have a 45-minute discovery call to get clear on your business objectives and your dream client's desires. Then I'll do a competitive analysis of your top 3 competitors to see how you can differentiate yourself through your messaging. We'll end this stage with a super clear value proposition.

Phase 3: Experience

Once the layout is complete, it's time for the brand visuals. I'll add in your brand colors, graphics, photography, and icons to the website pages. In this phase I'll create and deliver the design mockups of your five chosen website pages. And, I'll do user testing in this stage to make sure we're resonating with your peeps. (I can also refresh your graphics here).

Phase 2: Engagement

The next phase is all about giving structure to your Voice + Vision. I'll go through your existing website content and copyedit it – giving form and flow to your words. Then I'll layout your site pages in a way that aligns with your customer's journey and makes for an easy-peasy user experience on your site. The emphasis here is on driving users to action.

Phase 4: Evolution

The last phase is about the Launch + Leverage – meaning I'll build out your fully responsive customized Squarespace site and seamlessly integrate any third-party apps that you need on your business website. You'll have the option of ongoing assistance with testing or tweaking your site. But I'll make sure that you feel comfy monitoring + maintaining your own site too.


Ooh look! A pretty layout of my process...



So you can make an impact AND an income.

I started Crafting Creative because I’ve always had this core desire to be helpful. I want to leave some small positive impact on the world. And I realized that the best way to do this was NOT to work in a corporate job where the value I brought to the table would never have that great of an impact.

I want to empower you, to help give voice + volume to YOUR vision.

Because, at our core, we ALL want to use our gifts of knowledge to help others and to leave a positive impact on this world. Our individual efforts may seem small but, by working together, supporting and empowering one another, our collective impact can change the world.


This isn't only about looking good. It's about doing good.

In a noisy online world where you're constantly being sold the "it" system for six-figure success and being told that you have to do certain tactics in a certain way in order to grow your business, I want to champion your individual zone-of-genius, your unique perspective, and your specific business goals to craft YOUR goal-driven design strategy.


My superpowers...

  • I’m comfortable making my own way – I’m not easily swayed by group-think. That’s why I come up with new ideas when others are stuck. 
  • I listen from the heart, not the ego – I never force my values on anyone and I celebrate others’ differences.
  • I sincerely want to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients (and the world).
  • I communicate concisely and provide rational arguments for my ideas.
  • I blend the ANALYTICAL with the CREATIVE 😉
  • I’m your Secret Weapon, a Mastermind, the Mediator (INFP), and a forever Explorer.
  • I’m a synthesizer. As I dive into research, I naturally start to see trends, meaning I easily see solutions to problems my clients struggle with.
  • I’ve got a calming presence – clients (and friends) often come to me when they’re feeling overwhelmed by #allthethings and look to me to sift through the noise and inspire them to take action.
  • I’m strategic – clients look to me to get unstuck and move forward. When they come to me with an idea or a desire, I help them take action.


Meghan Hartman is the web designer + strategist behind Crafting Creative where she works with freedom-seeking female creatives to craft websites that convert through her goal-driven design process. She excels at giving voice, vision, and volume to your brand message so that you can get more clients and cash from your site with less hustle.


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