My 2017 year-end review: the good, the bad, and what's coming next


It's around the beginning of a new year when everyone starts setting goals, declaring resolutions, and deciding their "Word of the Year" (even I did that, you can read about it on Medium).

 I'm not talking about resolutions or goal-setting. In this post I'm getting real with you about how my side business (and life) went in 2017: good, the bad, and the exciting things to come! Click through to read the post and get an exclusive invite to something new!

But, first, let's reflect on the year that’s past.

Get prepared for the honest truth and a bit of vulnerability as well. I'm a human and learning as a go. And the point is to continually strive to grow and improve, right?

What went well in 2017:

👉  Client work:
I finished the year working with a couple of truly incredible women and entrepreneurs and the projects that we’re putting together look legit badass. I’m quite proud.

👉  The QuickSell Kit:
I finally created, launched, and sold a course! Total revenue earned in 2017: $1655.50. Feelings of accomplishment and confidence in my ability to do it again (but better): priceless.

The most important launch lesson I learned is this: communicate consistently with your audience for 8-12 weeks before you plan to launch an offer and deliver them real, relevant value.

Second most important lesson: Tell your people that you plan to launch something at 2-3 weeks before you open the cart.

👉  Traveling abroad:
Fucking finally! As someone that feels happiest living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, I was itching to get out of the country (and not just because we have a shitty human being pretending to be president). But it had been well over 4 years.

We went to Uruguay to meet the rest of my love’s family and, even though it flew by, it was so restorative and reinvigorating. We realized we definitely want to budget for one travel abroad trip per year.

👉  Masterminding:

I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in a mastermind over the summer and this, without question, was what gave me the confidence + conviction to do my first live online workshop AND was the catalyst for my eventual launch of The QSK.

It was impeccably run by the incredible Bunny of Violet Crown Masterminds. And I was so honored to share the space with 3 other truly brilliant creative women. I definitely want more of this next year.

What did NOT go well in 2017:

👉  Hobbies:
I’ve still got a steadily growing mountain of books next to me that I want to read because in 2017 I think I read a total of 3-4 books. I’ve only picked up my guitar for a single practice session (granted I did just get it in Uruguay). And I haven’t put any sincere effort into practicing my Spanish this year, either. (Sorry Duolingo, you just don’t do it for me anymore).

Oh, and I bought a 10-class pass to a local yoga studio that I let expire after only attending 3 classes. I want to commit to 1 yoga class per week (but after the bomb cyclone iciness wears off).

👉  Focus:
This has been my worst trait and biggest hindrance this year. I’m not just talking about shiny object syndrome and FOMO. My issue is more that, I get an idea and want to immediately start pursuing it. Then I realize it’s 4pm and I still haven’t done my top 3 tasks for the day. So I end up working until almost 7pm and only finish 2 of the 3.

Yeah, not good at all. This year I’m prioritizing my focus and productivity habits and trying ALL the things: The Mastery Journal + The Conquer Your Year Planner + Pomodoros + Time Tracking. I’ll cut back and refine when I finally find a good combo. (PS. let me know if you have a good combo that works for you, if you're a rebel type too).

👉  IRL people:
I’m an introvert, fiercely independent, socially awkward, and I work from home. So, it’s no big surprise that I tend to be quite the recluse. This year I want to reach out to people more to connect, even if that’s virtual coffee dates.

I want to foster real relationships, seek out people in my local community that I can connect with, and plan at least 2 in-person meetups with some of my online business friends. Help keep me out of my turtle shell, yes?

What I’m EXCITED about for 2018:

👉  Crafting Creative Rebrand:
Ok, so I did something scary this year. I made the largest investment in my business that I’ve ever made: I signed up to work with Sarah Ancalmo of Public Persona in an intimate group program called MirrorBrand. And, WOW, I do not regret that decision at all.

With what I’ve uncovered about myself, my brand, and the business I want to build– this is a game changer. And, of course, I realized that I need to do a total overhaul of my existing site....

Because, to be honest, it’s not really me. At least not the whole me. It’s more of a one-dimensional version of what I thought I should look like and sound like online. So, my site will be looking very different in the coming months. (I’ll give you sneak peeks of the process, too).

👉  New Services:
Now this is the thing I’m MOST excited about for 2018! I’ve created a totally new, totally unique service offering specifically for client-based businesses that want a high-quality website for an affordable investment.

It’s called, Ready, Set, Home! (for now) and includes:

  • Done-for-you homepage copy
  • Branding refresh –logo, colors, fonts– (if needed)
  • Bespoke homepage designed and built in Squarespace
  • Drag-and-drop modular template library (custom designed by me) that you can use to build out as many pages as you need (about page, services page, landing pages, sales pages, contact page, etc) in your Squarespace site
  • ALL of my plug-and-play copy templates (with examples) so you can easily get your site copy written and ready
  • And PDF “blueprints” of my recommended approach to laying out the most common pages you’ll need as a service-based business owner

This really is everything you need to create a scalable, professional website. After much calculation, I’ve found just the right balance of done-for-you and DIY.

This allows you to have a badass user-friendly website that converts for a fraction of the cost of hiring me to do the whole shebang (literally, this is currently priced at less than 25% the cost of a full site).

👉  Passion Project:
I'm finally creating an online space for my 15-year passion/obsession with alternative wellness, called Alt/Well (get it?).

And I want to make sure that I create the best, most relevant content that I can for this. So, if any of these statements resonate with you:

  • I live in a small town or don't have readily available access to health foods & supplements (or even the knowledge to know exactly what to get)
  • I work a lot, which means I don't have much time for cooking, self-care, and exercise (but let's be honest, I'm no Cross-Fitter anyway)
  • I'm not happy with my current diet and I'm thinking of going vegan (but I'm worried about getting enough protein, the costs involved, etc).

..then it would be hugely beneficial for me, if you could fill out this research survey:


👉  Signature Course:
And, as I’ve wanted to build my entire website design process into a single signature course for over a year now, I figured this is finally the time! Because I have to build my new Alt/Well site anyway (for the above-mentioned passion project) and so I can use that as my example and document the step-by-step process.

I’ll be releasing this to a limited beta group next quarter. It will be $297 ($200 off the launch price) and this beta will be by invite only. So, if you’d like an invitation, email me and let me know!

👉  Homepage Blueprint Update:
That’s right. It’s time for me to give the HPB a serious update. It’s gonna be awesome! AND, I'll be teaching the first part of the training on my Facebook Business page (make sure you're following my FB page to get the notifications of when I'm going live).

And that’s basically it for me. I’d honestly love to hear about how your year went and what you’ve got on tap for the year ahead. So tell me in the comments below  ;)

with love + liberty,