3 Ways to Make your Services Shine in a Saturated Market

 Here's how to stand out in an oversaturated industry

Of course, there are was more than three ways to stand out in your market. You can stand out with your prices, customer service, or by being incredibly niche, etc. But today I want to focus on just three key elements of your business: your message (aka your "why"), your offerings, and your brand image.

1. Your Big Why

As the connective copywriting guru, Olive Herbert likes to say "Sincere connection with your dream client [can be summed up with this formula]: you + me = us."

In a previous post, we talked all about your target client (the "you" bit of the formula). Now it's time to talk about the "me" part of that equation. Let's figure this out together. Grab a pen and paper or open up your fav writing app and answer these questions with me.

So why do you do what you do? What drives you?

I’m driven toward entrepreneurship as a means to achieve freedom over my schedule and location, true financial independence (because we know there's no such thing as “job security”), and the ability to provide real value to my clients. I want to help people and feel like I’ve left a positive impact on this world.

Along that same line. What impression or legacy do you want to create?

I want to leave this world feeling like I’ve made a positive influence– like I’ve truly helped people. And, as far as a physical legacy, I want to be able to provide for my family, for them to be comfortable, as well as to help aspiring female entrepreneurs

What gets you really fired up? I mean the thing that, when you talk about it, you can feel your heart rate quicken. What is this topic? Inequality. Without a doubt, when it comes to class systems and the ever-widening gap between rich and poor in our society, I am propelled up onto that soapbox. It makes me so frustrated that in America we have such inequality, such poverty, such a poor standard of public education, and such an ineffective medical establishment. It really is all about profit over people. We've become a true capitalist society at the expense of the people that live in it. If I could change one thing, it would be that.

What do you believe, with all of your being, to be true?

I wholeheartedly believe that it is through connection that we truly experience life. Whether that is the experience of loving everyone in your life or of having an incredible relationship with your partner or best friend. When we share our true selves with each other –when we let each other in– that is when we are fully alive. And if we practiced the act of unconditional love and let go of our egos, then as a society we would be much better off. I believe with these shifts, we could work create a better world.

Why is this important to you? Why do you care about this message? I feel like it is so vital that we bring this into everything we do. To consistently and gently remind ourselves to let go of our egos. And to approach others with openness and love. It’s so important for me to live my life like this because I want to be a genuinely good person. I want to feel like I’ve left a positive impact on this earth. And, I want to share these feel-good feelings with others.

2. Your Offerings

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of your true motivations. Now that you can articulate your "why", it's time to work on the second pillar of differentiation... your offerings. Don't put away that pen and paper just yet. I've got more questions for you to answer.

Before you jump in, take a moment to make a promise to yourself. Ready? Repeat after me, "I promise to see myself as the strong, beautiful, and gifted woman that I am. I will not be humble when answering these questions. I WILL express my inner badass." Alright, let's go through this together.

Think about other entrepreneurs in your industry (your competition, even). What do you do better than any of them?

I know that I’m not the top designer in my industry or the top UX expert. But, one thing that I do better than most people (not just people in my industry) is that I genuinely care about others. I am all about genuinely helping people over earning a huge profit. Because of this, I choose to work with other heart-centered solopreneurs.

When comparing myself to other web designers specifically, one thing that I do differently than most is that I start a website by wireframing it. I do this so that I can really focus on the user experience of the layout and navigation. Then, I go in with the beautiful visuals. But so many designers just dive into the visuals straight away.

Do you provide something that your competitors don't? If not, what could you provide that would be different than others in your industry?

Even though the freelance design industry is super saturated, my packages set me apart:

  • I offer a streamlined brand package with just the essentials, whereas so many of my peers only have huge brand packages that are costly and take a lot of time.
  • I also offer a website AND email setup package that focuses on creating a user-friendly website to increase conversion rates and automate a smooth client onboarding process.
  • Similarly, my course visuals package is unique in that I offer ALL the visual elements you’ll need to successfully launch your beautiful flagship course.

Now the flip-side of that: what is one thing your DON'T do that all your competitors are doing?

Many of my fellow designers offer print design services. I don't do this. That is because I work with client-based entrepreneurs that want to establish their online empire. I don't waste their time and money on things that aren't essential (like business cards– you can leave those in the drawer with your pager).

Take a minute to brag. What have you gotten complimented on recently?

My most recent client loved my ability to read her words and really “get” the message that she was trying to communicate with her content upgrade. She even got compliments from her own audience about the design.

3. Your brand image

Once you've gotten your why and differentiated your offerings, it's time to get serious about your brand image. When I say "brand image", I'm talking about all of the touch points your audience has with your business: your social media graphics, logo, colors, photos, website, newsletter, videos, and content upgrades.

In every interaction your audience has with your business, you want to make sure that you're communicating your "why" and your "what" (what makes you different). It's so much more than just connective copy. Visuals do speak a thousand words and connect on a primal, emotional level.