4 Easy Steps to Improve the UX on your Homepage

 There’s already A LOT of information online about DIYing your website as a newbie business owner. BUT, it’s pretty limited to themes, plugins, colors, and photography. And you’re left wondering, “Where do I start?". So, in this post, I'm giving you an easy blueprint for putting your homepage to work.

Today, we’re talking about a step-by-step plan that you can use to improve your homepage even if you’re not a techie.

So, you know that there’s already A LOT of information online about DIY-ing your website, how to improve your homepage, and get a better UX as a newbie business owner. 

BUT, it’s pretty limited to themes, plugins, colors, and photography. And you’re left wondering, “Where do I start?!”.


Because, while these one-off strategies can be helpful, they don’t really give you a roadmap, which can make designing your website feel super frustrating. They don’t touch on the real purpose behind the design or give you a proper foundational understanding of design principles to feel confident in going it alone.

The current options are limited to (1) DIY with these limited and scattered resources (which is basically a trial-and-error method) or (2) drop a few thousand dollars on a designer. 

AND, when that designer leaves, you’re left in the exact same position when it comes to changes or updates to your site. You keep trying the same strategies but none of them are working. 

You need a blueprint for crafting a profitable website that positions you as a thought-leader in your niche.

So today, I’m going to share with you a step-by-step roadmap for how to improve your homepage, even if you’re not super tech-savvy.


STEP 1: A headline, hook, and clear call to action

Before your website visitors have to scroll, they should understand who you serve and how you help them, and this is what you want to get right when you improve your homepage. Your logo, tagline, and imagery can all help with this.

But, more importantly, you need to have a headline that makes them stop and read more, a hook that draws them in with your awesome free offer, and a clear action that closes the deal.

STEP 2: Your 3 primary content jump-in points

Now, if your visitors scroll past that point to see more, their next stop should be your primary content “jump-in” points. They should be presented with no more than three options for where to go next and each option should have a clear action like, “give me the checklist” or “take me to the blog” or “let’s work together”.

STEP 3: proof / aka social proof / aka street cred

Your homepage needs to have social proof to up your street cred. This can be in the form of client testimonials, publications or podcasts that you’ve been featured in, or both. You can also feature quotes from influencers that relate to what you do and why it matters.

I’ve also seen “proof” offered in the form of blog posts. By showing that you know what you’re talking about and that you’ve been talking about it regularly, you increase your authority.

STEP 4: Reiterate your opt-in offer before your footer

The final step, before your footer, is to offer your opt-in freebie again. Keep it short and punchy and with actionable button text. BONUS TIP: if your first opt-in offer was only a button, use this space to put your whole form in (name and email address and button or just email address and button). 

Now for some examples of influencers that are putting this homepage blueprint into action:

I’m a visual learner and I bet a lot of you are too, so I’ve gone through a few of our favorite influencer’s websites to show you how they’re using this homepage formula for their kickass businesses.

Melyssa Griffin

 Melyssa Grffin's website utilizes this simple homepage formula to grow her email list.

Caitlin Bacher

 Caitlin Bacher's website is also using this easy homepage blueprint to prepare for her course launch.


 Mariah Coz's website Femtrepreneur follows this foolproof homepage framework to grow her audience.

Adrienne Dorison

 Adrienne Dorison's website also follows this stress-free homepage system for increasing her conversions.

Scoop Industries

 Scoop Industries is also using this no-brainer homepage blueprint to grow their online empire.

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