4 Little-Known Benefits Of Designing Your Own Website

 It's easy to feel so frustrated and fed up with your own design and tech abilities that you think the only solution is to hire a professional designer. Let's re-think that. In today's post, I'm cover 4 little-known benefits to designing your own business website. Click through to read the post!

One of the best entrepreneurial books that I’ve read is The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. In it, he talks about the importance of creating a systems-driven business than can flourish with ordinary employees, rather than a people-driven business that requires extraordinary talent.

Now, if you’ve read this book, you understand that Gerber’s primary goal is to explain how we, as entrepreneurs, can grow thriving businesses that can work with or without us.

And, in order to create a business that allows us such freedom and abundance, we need to create those systems first.

So, how do we create those systems? Gerber suggests that we start by creating a company hierarchy. List out all of the positions that you’ll need to run your company, even if you don’t plan on hiring any employees or contractors yet.

Then, you spend time in each of those positions. You go through all of the work that goes into the particular position and you write down the steps in a checklist. Lather, rinse, repeat. And, once you’ve down this for every position, you have your operations manual. That’s when you’re ready to hire out help.

So… longwinded introduction aside, the 4 reasons you should design your own business website are:

1. It will prepare your business for sustainable growth.

Because, until you understand the job yourself, you’ll never be truly effective at managing that task. And you’ll be dependent on the talents and integrity of the designer you hire.

By providing you with the expertise you need to create your systems checklist, you’ll be able to hire that position out in the future.

2. It will put you in control.

No more tech meltdowns, no more design doubts, no more putting off marketing until you get your landing page built, and no more frustrations that your website isn’t getting traffic. Because you’ll be the boss of your website and it’ll be your #1 employee.

3. It will give you confidence.

How many times have you felt ashamed of your website and yet felt completely powerless to do anything about it? You’ve got to stop putting off your sales and marketing until you can hire a designer. Because you don’t need to wait to hire a designer, you’ve got this. I promise.

4. It will save you money.

As a web designer for creative entrepreneurs, I often get sticker shock looking around at some of my peers. It’s completely normal for them to charge between $3500 and $6500 to design your website.

Even after you’ve paid that $$$$, you’re no better off than before because you’re still dependent on these “experts” to make any changes or updates to your site.

By taking some time to empower yourself first, you’ll be able to craft a website that works for you, ups your street cred, and brings in more clients without dropping thousands of dollars on a designer.

And, it will put you in a fabulous position to hire someone down the road when your bank account’s bursting at the seams and you can’t keep up with all the clients.

Let’s be honest – your website is really the foundation of a profitable online business.

You might think that your website isn’t that important because you’ve been able to get a few clients from Facebook groups. But, let me tell you, it is one of the most important things you can have in your online business. Your website is your digital home. It’s a space that YOU OWN and control. It’s a platform for you to grow your email list and build your online empire. And that all starts with an intentionally designed website that works.