Behind-the-Scenes of redesigning my Squarespace website (again)

 An informal video chat on why I decided to redesign my site (again), some tips for doing a Squarespace website rebrand, as well as why I'm leaving Squarespace. Plus, a super thorough website checklist for you. Click through to get it!

If you've been to my site before, you've probably noticed some big changes around here. In this informal video chat I'm sharing:

  1. Why I decided to redesign my website (again).
  2. How I messed up with my website design.
  3. Tips for designing a Squarespace website.
  4. Why I'm leaving Squarespace and the website platform I'm moving to.

1: Why I decided to rebrand again one year later.

After working with a coach in a small group program, I realized that my brand wasn't fully "me" it was more of the version of me I thought I "should" be to have a successful online business. And this wasn't just the visuals. It was the copy, the package names, and the design as well.

So, for this iteration, I focused on revising the copy to be in my actual voice and muted the color palette to match my personal style better.

BONUS: in the video, I answer the question: "What did you find most insightful when it comes to making your brand and site more you?".


2: Why this Squarespace website rebrand isn't working for me.

Confession: I completely rushed this rebrand and didn't follow my own 9-step website process. The thing is: I have this process for a reason and it works. So lesson learned – stick to the fucking process and don't try shortcutting it.

(PS: you can get a copy of my comprehensive website checklist fo' free by clicking image below.)


3: Tips for designing on Squarespace

I've written before about the 3 steps to starting a Squarespace website the right way (and also the 3 must-have customizations you need for Squarespace).

But I want to get more advanced here and talk about site architecture.

Squarespace doesn't give you any inherent site architecture. And so you need to build this in manually. The default Squarespace setup is to have all pages at the "root" level, which makes it more difficult for Google to understand the hierarchy of the site.

Here's what I mean:

You want to create a hierarchy, rather than to have ALL pages at the same, root level.  <- this page is at the "root" level


And so, for my services, I manually adjusted the URL slugs to inject that hierarchy, like so: <- this page is at the services sub-level


4: Squarespace, it's time to move on.

I'm transitioning to Webflow! Why? You ask. Watch the video for the full scoop. (The short version is the code is streamlined and sexy.)