Entrepreneurs: Are You Feeling Unsure Of What To Create?

Let's get clear on your ideal client. Learn how to define your target customer in this quick post.

Let's Start by Defining your Dream Client

This post was inspired by Alyssa Martin's 4-day memorable messaging training "From Ho-Hum to Um, Whoa!". It's totally free and I highly recommend it.

We've all been there before: staring at a blank page, cursor blinking, and feeling completely blocked. When you don't know what to write or feel blocked for ideas, you need to go back to your target client. Think about your dream girl and imagine what she's struggling with – at this very moment.

Now, I know that you've seen ideal client worksheets before and probably even tried to fill them out. But, sometimes staring at a blank questionnaire leaves you feeling like, "Where do I even start??". I know, because I feel that way all the time. That's why I decided to share my own ideal client profile with you here.

I hope it helps you find inspiration and feel empowered to do this process yourself. I cannot emphasize enough how vital this is. Before you develop your service packages, your web content, your visuals, or even your brand name, you need to get über clear on who your ideal client is. Feel free to grab a pen and paper and follow along with me.

1. Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone much like myself, but she is more right-brained. She thinks in non-linear ways. She has a tendency toward attracting drama (or just feeling like her situation is more dramatic than it is) and feeling deeply emotional. She values alternative ways of thinking and being. She’s drawn to eastern mysticism, quantum physics, holistic remedies – all things that emphasize the connectedness of being.

She is an introvert, but unlike your typical introvert (who gains energy by being alone) she actually feels more rejuvenated when she can spend time in deep, relaxed, and open conversation with someone like me. When I say “someone like me”, I mean someone that is also an introvert, but very rarely emotional. This someone is the left-brain logic to her right-brain imagination. The yang to the yin, bringing balance, clarity, and calmness.

2. What is her life like in this moment? What's her primary struggle?

Right now, she’s working at a job where she’s not truly valued. She is intelligent and hardworking, but the people around her don’t appreciate the value she brings to the work place and they take her for granted. The 9-5 structure feels very limiting, even suffocating, to her. Because of her creativity and imagination, she’s naturally entrepreneurial and she has recently put a lot of work into building up her side business. She’s almost ready to take it full time, but she’s really struggling when it comes to designing and developing her website. Most of her clients have come from word-of-mouth referrals or posting on sites like Craigslist. But she dreams of having a website that connects with her target audience, builds her professional image, and generates more clients.

3. What is keeping her from quitting the struggle? What's holding her back?

The real reason that she hasn’t taken the leap to work for herself full-time, is that she just doesn’t have the online platform in place to make her look professional, attract her target audience, and convert leads to clients. To have an online client-based business, she needs a powerful online presence. Right now, she doesn’t have that and it’s holding her back.

4. How is she feeling now versus how you want her to feel?

Rather than being frustrated and feeling stuck, I want her to feel empowered and at ease.

5. Describe her ideal day.

Her ideal day looks a little something like this: The sun streaming into her bedroom wakes her up every morning, when her body is ready, not when the alarm tells her it’s go time. She pauses for 5-10 minutes to set her intention for the day and center herself. She takes a leisurely breakfast, easing into the day, and then gets to work. She writes for 30-60 minutes first thing, while her mind is calm and clear. Her work day consists of working with clients, content marketing, and social media. She generally feels very productive, but also very much at ease. There is no sense of urgency or pressure. Her routine is structured in a way that brings out her creativity very naturally. She takes an exercise break before lunch to take a yoga class or meet with her personal trainer. She and her partner prepare dinner together. It’s a delicious and nourishing meal. Afterward, they enjoy a long walk together holding hands. In the evening, she enjoys reading for about an hour then does a calming meditation to settle her mind before bed.

6. How is your ideal client's business different after she works with you? How does she feel?

After working with me, she feels relieved and oh-so-confident in her business. She gets the push she needs to quit her day job because she’s booking more clients through her website and needs that time to work with them. She feels empowered to make her business a success and at ease, because she has automated and streamlined processes. She even has time now to work on building up her signature course, which she plans to launch next year to generate passive income for her biz.

7. When will she achieve results?

I help her to achieve measurable results within 3 months.

8. When is a client ready to work with you or buy your service? 

She's ready to work with me once she’s worked with at least a few clients. She knows specifically the client she wants to work with and the type of service(s) she wants to offer. She’s ready to get serious about building a successful online business.

*I encourage you to go through all four of Alyssa's steps because your business is about more than just your dream client.