Here's How To Easily Design a Beautiful Logo

 Here's a step by step tutorial for how to DIY your logo design

Does your logo reflect your business the way you want it to? Do you get trapped in the cycle of perfectionism and tech confusion when trying to create your logo? I completely understand the frustrations of going it alone as a solopreneur. That’s why I’ve decided to give you, my awesome readers, an inside look into the exact process I use to create a type-based logo. It’s only 7 steps and anyone can do it. Sound good? Let’s dig in.

Step by Step (day by day…)

Come on, I know someone just got that reference, right?? And now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Step 1: Make a mood board

You can do this in Pinterest by pinning images that you feel express the mood that you want for your brand. (Think about what expresses your personality and appeals to your target audience.)
You can also pin any typography, colors, or compositions that speak to you.

 Create a brand moodboard in Pinterest.

Step 2: Typography Testing

Go to and type your business name into the center box. is an awesome tool that will display your business name (or whatever text you type) in EVERY FONT that’s installed on your computer. AMAZING.

 Create a wordmark logo

Step 2.1: Select your favs

Click on all the fonts that you like for your business logo (keep in mind your mood board and fitting with that desired aesthetic). lets you adjust the letter spacing and size, but you don't need to play with that right now.

 Choose your fonts

Step 2.2: Filter that shiz

After you’ve selected all the fonts you like click “filter selected”.

 Filter your font options

Step 2.3: Screenshot that baby

Take a screenshot. (Easy-peasy on a Mac by typing command+shift+4 to get the crosshairs and then click and drag over the part of your screen that you want to screenshot. Release and presto!). 

 take a screenshot of your font choices

Step 3: Open the screenshot in Adobe Illustrator

I use Sketch, but you can use any vector-based design app.

 Open your screenshot in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4: Use the Text Tool to type out your biz name

Duplicate this text box (create 1 for each font you want to test). And set the font for each one to be one to match your screenshot.

 Test different font combinations for your logo

Step 5: Mix and Match

Start playing with font sizes and combinations until you find something you are happy with. Do this with the text in black, don’t confuse yourself at this step by worrying over color.

 your DIY designed logo

Step 6: Finalize your Logo

Select the logo design that you like best and convert the text to outlines. Whoa, WTF is that? It means the text will be converted to a vector shape. And you do this in Sketch or Illustrator by selecting the text and typing command+shift+O (the letter O).

Step 7: Export it

Now all you have to do is export your PNG. Make sure you keep the background transparent and export it at the appropriate size for your website (probably around 150px - 250px wide). The main thing is you don't want it to be huge, because that'll slow your page speed (ruh-roh SEO) and you don't want it to be tiny, because it'll look stretched and pixelated.

That's a wrap. Great show, awesome job!

By now you should have a cool new logo that matches your brand aesthetic and looks way better than that one you bought off Fiverr. 

Feedback time! Did you find this tutorial helpful? Were there any parts that could have been explained better? What part did you struggle the most with? Sound off in the comments below.