How to Craft a Badass Website for your Brand

 Learn how to craft a badass website for your brand that helps you to position yourself as a thought-leader in your niche and attracts clients to you on autopilot. Click through to read this epic guide!

Getting consistent client inquiries on autopilot (with zero hustle) starts with a well-crafted website. So, in this video, I'm going over your essential "Web Prep Checklist" for the pieces that you need to have in place before you can craft a stellar site.


In this post I'll also cover:

  • Busting the myth that "you don't need a website" (plus why people really say that)
  • The crucial distinction between websites for service-based businesses and product-based ones
  • The hustle quotient (aka the inverse relationship between website quality and hustle quantity)

Learn what really makes for a standout brand AND how to define your website goals the right way (hint: SMART isn’t smart enough). Because what gets measured, gets improved. #GoalGetter

And, in case you were wondering if there’s a download to go along with the lesson, yes there is! GRAB THE GOAL CLARITY WORKSHEET (part of the Web Foundations Workbook) at

In this post we'll cover:

  • The crucial mindset difference between crafting a standout brand and crave-worthy content.
  • Your personal brand blend (no Vitamix required) and what that looks like on your website.
  • Defining your business goals for your website (because “what gets measured gets improved”).
  • Why you DO need to optimize your site for business objectives (even if you get referral clients).

Forget the typical “ideal client avatar” worksheets. THIS is how to define your client in a way that actually matters for your business. Plus, I’ll teach you how to use my client-sleuthing research technique to get your audience to write your copy for you!

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Why my “listen-only mode” observation-based research strategy is better than surveys
  • How to do this client sleuthing research and use it to write your copy for you
  • Why I don’t use or recommend those typical “ideal avatar” worksheets
  • How to define your ideal client in a way that ACTUALLY matters for your business with my go-to exercise for creating a client “empathy map”

How to Define Your Competitive Edge and USP (plus what to do if you can't find your competitors).

You’ll learn about:

  • Why different is better than better.
  • What a USP is and why we need one.
  • How to write your USP (with examples).

Scoping out the competition (+ a spreadsheet)


  • Trigger questions to shake loose your USP
  • Checklists to validate that you’ve hit the sweet spot
  • How to test your positioning in 5-seconds (the tool I use)
  • Bonus resources for finding your uniqueness

In this next post, I’m covering: How to Clarify Your Style & How to Create a Moodboard (the easy way)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Dispel any confusion around brand style because you already know your style!
  • Walk through an easy exercise to define your style values or feelings.
  • Use those words to systematically create a Pinterest mood board using my strategic search-and-scroll maneuver.
  • And why this is not optional and must be done BEFORE even writing your site copy.

Learn how to write web copy the easy way (my foolproof formula)

You’ll learn how to:

  • The #1 mistake I see new business owners making with their websites
  • Why you need to write your own copy (at least the first couple of drafts)
  • Knowing what to write where starts with defining and mapping your flow.
  • How to source inspiration using my structure stealing method 5. How copy conversations lead to conversions (the simple formula)

In this post on how to DIY your basic brand visuals (easy, effective & no BS), you'll learn:

  • Why you should never ask for logo advice on Facebook
  • The 3 parts of an effective and professional logo
  • How to design a “wordmark” logo (plus the tools I use)
  • How to choose colors the right way (it's easier than you think)
  • How to choose fonts (and use them to improve your site)

In this tutorial on how to Snap + Source Photos for Your Website (easy + cheap) you’ll learn: 

  • How to plan + prep your selfie photoshoot
  • The easy method for snapping + editing your photos
  • How to source + use stock photos for your brand

How to test + tweak your website for a better experience

In this post, we’re covering:

  • What is user testing?
  • Why should you do it?
  • When should you test?
  • How do you test your site?
  • Avoid these common pitfalls

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