How to craft a client-attracting mini-service

 As service-based creative entrepreneurs building the perfect set of packages isn't easy. We're told that we need to have 3 packages that a single client can go through. Or that we need to have up-sells and down-sells and cross-sells, "oh my!". In this post, I'm walking you through my mini-service solution (plus a video). Click through to read it!

As service-based creative entrepreneurs building the perfect set of packages isn't easy. We're told that we need to have 3 packages that a single client can go through. Or that we need to have up-sells and down-sells and cross-sells, "oh my!".

We can get stuck noodling on our packages OR we can end up with a set of services that look just like every other designer.

When, what we really need to do, is to look at our specific ideal client and offer up services that fulfill her needs. THIS is how we differentiate ourselves and speak directly to our perfect peeps.

  • But what if you're already booked out with clients and you want to bring in a bit of extra income (without packing your schedule even tighter)?
  • Or what if you're struggling to get ANY clients and you need to put together a service that actually sells?

We're going to cover the answer to those questions.

4 common scenarios for creative entrepreneurs when it comes to clients + service packages

  • First, we have Amy. She's a copywriter that's booked out with clients but, because of how involved her packages are, even though she's booked out, she feels overworked and underpaid. And she really wants a way to earn a little bit of extra income without sacrificing her schedule.
  • Next, we have Sam. He is an artist and a coach. And right now he's experiencing "client crickets", meaning he's getting few (if any) clients coming in. And so he wants to offer a service that he can sell more easily that attracts clients.
  • Then we have Vicki. She describes herself as a "multi-passionate" creative. She has all these ideas that she wants to try but she's not sure how she can offer up some of her alternative ideas to her current audience.
  • And then, finally, we have Kelly. She is a side-hustler. She's newer to business. And she wants to earn extra income on the side of her day job, while she builds her list, without spending all day on client projects.

Now regardless of which scenario you identify with, there is a single solution that works amazingly for all four of these. And I call that the mini-service.

A mini-service is a small offering that you can deliver quickly to get your clients a specific result or "win".

Here's an example of one of my mini-services:

Course Coaching: a limited time offering for course-junkies. I launched it exclusively to my list with 3 emails and made $150 (even though my audience wasn't expecting this kind of thing from me).

The other mini-service (which is actually an ongoing one that I provide) is Squarespace support. And specifically, Squarespace code customizations in my service called Designer-On-Demand. I've made $400 from this mini service and considering that it only costs $50 for one of these service sessions that's pretty good.

What makes for a great mini-service (aka one that's going to sell)?

It has to be specific.

It needs to be a specific solution for a specific person or market. The specific person for "Course Coaching" was: the creative entrepreneur that had taken several courses already and was feeling coursed-out. She hadn't finished the courses that she'd enrolled in and she wanted support and accountability to make the most of her course investment. This is a very specific person.

Now you could also use a specific market (rather than person). For Design-on-Demand the market is people that use Squarespace for their websites.

Aside from being specific, the other thing about what makes an effective mini-service is the pricing. It needs to be super easy to click that "buy" button. That's why I recommend you price it at $100 or less. And make sure it takes you less than an hour of work to actually deliver.

To walk you through creating your own mini-service, I've created The QuickSell Kit course.

You can learn my step by step ZERO FLUFF method for creating and launching your own mini-service.

This is not your typical online course. It's not filled with 74 trite video lessons and an 873 page PDF download. We're going to do things differently so you actually apply what you learn to get tangible results.

And to bridge that gap between that passive learning and active participation that gets you results, I set it up like a college course.

  1. Each module starts out with a brief lecture video where I give you a big picture overview of what we're covering in that module.
  2. After the lecture lesson, we have the lab lesson which is a screencast tutorial video walking you through step by step. I'm showing you completely behind-the-scenes and you can pause these videos during the lab to actually complete that step of the work.
  3. And then finally we have office hours. So I've set up a little Disqus discussion box in each module where you can drop in your questions and then I will go through on Fridays and answer them. We'll also have a Zoom office hours session at the end of the live course.

So here's what we're covering.

  • In Module 1, we'll do a quick idea validation and my undercover method of client research.
  • In Module 2, we will cover how to write your sales page + the 4 essentials of an effective package.
  • In Module 3, we'll learn how to design and build your sales page in Squarespace.
  • Then Model 4 is a bonus module where I give you my quick launch 3-email swipe file.

Who is The QuickSell Kit NOT for?

People on WordPress that are using PCs. If your website isn't on Squarespace and if you don't have an Apple/Mac computer, then this may not be for you.

However, you CAN still benefit if you're using WordPress but you do have an Apple computer. Everything would apply to you. But, when I'm building the page in Squarespace, you would follow along and build your page in Wordpress.

Or if you have a PC (non-Mac) but your website is on Squarespace, then you CAN still join. All the lessons would apply to you except, when I'm designing in Sketch, you would use whatever your design app is. So if you like Photoshop, you would follow along using Photoshop. If you like Illustrator, that's what you would use.

Now let's talk BONUSES!

  • I'm putting together a styles pack for you that you can import directly into your Squarespace style editor. And then you would just go through and change the colors to match your brand colors and change the fonts to be your brand fonts.
  • You get access to every single item in my Code Shop. ALL the code snippets and customizations for Squarespace (for life)!
  • You also get 1 FREE Designer-on-Demand request (that's a $50 value). So I can install any Squarespace customization for you with that.

Right away when you join The QuickSell Kit, you get access to the orientation module and pre-work. Then each week a new module will drip out to you.

This is the ONLY method that I've seen that teaches you specifically how to create and launch a petite service package. The idea is that you offer something that's quick and easy to sell and quick and easy to deliver. So that you can increase your income without sacrificing your schedule.