How to design a conversion-focused about page

  In this 15-minute training, I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to design a conversion-focused about page. Click through to watch the free training and get access to the bonus materials!

In this 15-minute training, I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to design a conversion-focused About page.

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The conversion-focused about page strategy:

I start all of my web design work by:

  • first getting to know the goals of the brand or business
  • then doing undercover audience research
  • third, I'll perform an analysis of the competitive market
  • finally, I'll formulate a brand statement (or “USP”) that concisely articulates what the business does, who they serve, and how they’re different.

After that foundational work, I’ll usually craft a moodboard that visually and verbally represents a snapshot of the vibe the brand is after (and the way that it wants to represent itself online).

You can look back to last week’s training where I walk you through one way to create a moodboard.

THEN, after the foundational research and creating a moodboard, it's time to write the page copy. It’s absolutely critical that you do NOT start design before you write.

As I’ve mentioned before, your website is your space (or your storefront) but the copy is the conversation that takes place within that. The copy is what directs visitors to different parts of the store and encourages them to buy.

The reason that you can’t design before seeing the words on the page is, quite simply, because you’d have no way of knowing how to layout the page or what images to curate to enhance those words. You’d have no way of knowing what icons to use or what colors to put where.

This is why I don’t recommend that you choose a Squarespace template based on the look of the template. Because you don’t want to cram your words into someone else’s space. You want to create your own.

How I’ve implemented the strategy:

With my project Alt/Well I did NOT follow my own advice of starting with a copy template and, instead, just started writing off-the-cuff.  Because of that, I ended up with a super long about page that, I soon realized, was really a mixture of a sales page and an about page.

When I started designing it, there was too much for one page and so I ended up breaking it into a “Work With Me” page and an “About” page.

And, in this training, I show you the about page copy that I started with and then I walk you through my thought process, methods, and reasoning behind designing the page. Because, one thing I learned from my year and a half as a UX designer, is that there needs to be a reason behind every design decision.

And if you're curious about the "F-Pattern" I mentioned in the training video, here ya go.


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