How to design your basic brand visuals (no creativity needed)

 Struggling to make your website look profesh? It may be because you didn't start the design process by defining both the visual and verbal expression of your brand. I walk you through how to do that in an easy, systematic, and no-creativity-needed FREE 30-minute workshop. Click through to watch!

If you’ve taken my Website 101 course or are a student in The QuickSell Kit program, then you’re familiar with how I go about creating a moodboard.

In those trainings, it’s a verbal process ––meaning it starts with words. We first define your brand’s tone in 3-5 descriptive words like, “rebellious”, “creative”, and “fresh”.

Then I walk you through my systematic search-and-scroll maneuver in Pinterest and create a moodboard that way ––starting with the verbal expression of your brand and translating it to the visual.

However, today, I want to start this process with the visuals.

For my new brand, Alt/Well (which will provide alternative wellness tips for time-starved women that want to maximize their health and minimize the time spent doing it ––so it’s going to be titrated and to-the-point easily digestible doses of information that are backed in research) I want to use mostly stock photos.

And the thing with using stock photos well is that they have to be carefully curated so that they don’t look like the same ones you see all over the internet, and then they need to be edited or retouched so that they act cohesively as part of your brand.

Now, I’ve already pulled some images that I may want to use on my site as well as some images from Pinterest that resonate with the aesthetic I’m going for. And, in this training, I’m going to curate some images that I definitely want to be in my moodboard.

Once I’ve put the moodboard together, I’m going to bring it from the visual to the verbal with a few analysis questions. Those are going to help me take this overall aesthetic into something that’s a little more tangible so that selecting fonts and even colors becomes much easier.

After I’ve defined my moodboard aesthetic in more tangible terms, I’ll select two fonts and curate the colors that I’ll use for my site.

It’s important to note that this step marks the start of the design phase, HOWEVER, it is NOT the start of a website project. Before you even start to think about moodboards, photos, or colors… you first need to define:

1. Your goals - what are your objectives for your website?

2. Your client - what is your ideal client struggling with and how can you help?

3. Your competition - what are other people in your space doing and how can you position yourself differently?

4. Your USP - what you do, who you serve, and how you’re different?

Once you’ve gotten those foundational pieces, then you can start your moodboard.

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So for this training, I’ve already done the undercover audience research, a competitive analysis, and written the copy for the site. And that’s why I’m ready to jump into this visual branding step.

To recap the steps for your basic branding visuals:

1. Curate some photos into a moodboard

2. Analyze the visuals to bring it back to the verbal

3. Derive 3-5 colors that I’ll use for my brand

4. Choose 2 fonts for my website

Let’s do it!