How I Got 12 NEW Clients in 6 Months (via my website)

 I don’t sell people. I let my website do that for me. It’s so effective that the majority of people that contact me have already decided they want to work together. That’s the power of a well-crafted website that stands out from the sea of sameness. Get the full story »

Do you remember the first time you realized that this world of online entrepreneurship existed? I do. The first time my eyes were opened to this magical world, was when I discovered Regina Anaejionu’s website

And once I realized that there were people making a successful living by selling their knowledge and skills online, I was IN. I knew that this was what I had to do, to create success on my terms and to truly liberate my life. The problem was that my online experience was that of a freelancer-seeking-gigs (by using sites like Craigslist or 99Designs to find clients).

My "meh" business beginnings

I thought that I had to go out and “find clients” —I didn’t realize I could attract them to me. I thought that I had to offer the standard set of design services that I saw my peers offering. I thought that I was supposed to sound “clever” and yet professional. And I thought that I could design my site without doing any of that “branding” work.

So that’s what I did.

I created a “me-too” website that offered the same types of services as my peers (just at lower price points). I wrote the same cliched copy that I saw around the internet. And then, when no clients came, I went on a course-buying bonanza (because surely one of them would let me in on the one BIG secret to building a successful business).

About a year after that eye-enlightening day that hooked me on entrepreneurship, there I was with my “meh” website, having spent thousands of dollars on courses, and had only had one client. ONE.

The wakeup call

The real triggering wake-up came when the startup I was working for decided to cut the entire UX department (“bye-bye career climbing and hello pavement pounding”). I knew that I never wanted to depend on a company to live and, more than anything, I wanted to make my business “work”.

4 steps for how I attracted 12 new clients in 6 months:

1) I got clear on the vibe of my brand and created a mood board

2) I researched my audience and honed in on my message

3) I used the copy as the foundation of my website and designed around it

4) I got out from behind-the-screen and showed myself on my website

And people found my site (and found that it resonated), which translated to 12 client inquiries in my inbox —with zero hustle.

I scrapped my website and started fresh

I started with the kind of brand that I wanted to build and the message that I wanted it to say. I did actual market research. And I spent weeks revamping my website, following my STANDOUT site process.

(Side note: you can get my entire 9-part process for free with my Stand Out + Sell Out Website Checklist.)

When I was a guest on Anne Samoilov’s Fearless Launching podcast, she asked me, “So what’s your strategy for attracting clients? How do you find them?”

And I felt guilty about my answer: “I don’t have one. I don’t look for clients, I let them come to me.” My client-attraction strategy is the “let clients find me” non-method.

I don’t sell people. I let my website do that for me.

It’s so effective that the majority of people that contact me about working together have already decided they want to work with me and so our “consult call” is just about which package is right for them and the logistics.

That’s the power of a well-crafted website that stands out from the sea of sameness and speaks to your right people, specifically.

And my website is far from perfect. It’s an ever-evolving being just like we all are. But now that I’m clear on my brand values + vibe, on the voice I want for my message, and on the visual presence I want to create… everything else about online business is getting easier.

Since that first transformative website revamp, I’ve done another rebrand (which is not yet finished), this time starting with myself and my “zone of genius” … so that I can better stand out and show up.

That’s why the first step in my website method is all about YOU. Getting to know yourself is not an optional step, it’s the foundation of everything else.

And I want to leave you with an important message:

I am not special. I did not go to school for copywriting or design (I learned filmmaking).

So you absolutely have what it takes to make it happen. Sure we all have our unique zones of genius (and this website process happens to play into mine) but I have seen these strategies work with copywriters, OBMs, coaches, and designers.

Because I’ve got a lazy brain, I like to break things down into non-overwhelming steps that don’t require sitting pensively over a worksheet while you work up a sweat wracking your brain or scouring the depths of your soul. So, even though my website process is thorough, it is doable. And it’s doable for you.

You too can craft a standout website that attracts new clients to you automatically.

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