How to Handle Haters In Online Business

 Do you feel like you're constantly battling haters? Have you ever been called one? This week's blog post is a truth slap about "haters" in online business.

I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled post for this important message. That's right.... I've got a bone to pick (being that I'm vegan, I'm not too sure about that idiom, but moving on).

In online communities (read: Facebook groups), I see something happening pretty regularly:

People are being shunned or deemed 'haters' for being honest about their opinions. These groups should be safe spaces where you can connect with other online business owners to share your thoughts, fears, and ideas.

But groups members are trying so hard to be inoffensive that, anytime someone has a contrarian viewpoint, they're cast out. 

This makes for a community that is afraid to go deeper or to discuss what's really bothering them for fear of being called a "hater".

It shocks me to hear business owners that I respect use that term.

In podcasts and social media, you get people asking, “You’re so successful now, how do you handle haters?”. And they answer in much the same way, “Oh I don’t listen to haters” or “it used to bother me but not anymore.” 

I’m disgusted by the whole concept. 

When I hear someone say, "haters," I imagine a spoiled teen who’s lashing out over her bruised ego. Of course, not everyone will like you, and that’s A GOOD THING. 

You don’t want everyone to like you.

If everyone likes you, that means you’re not saying anything incendiary. You’re not saying anything new or different or against someone’s grain. You’re not creating space for change. You’re not showcasing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

If what you put out into the world doesn’t get at least some kick back, then you’re not making an impact. - Tweet That!

It’s true; some people won’t like you. And some people won't like the people you admire. They may say things you don't agree with. They may be kinda rude. That's completely okay. We don't want everyone to be the same; we welcome diversity.

Ask yourself, “Is this person in my target audience?”. 

If the answer is yes, then set your ego aside and take a look at what they’re saying to you. Maybe they didn’t feel they got enough value out of your course. Maybe they think your Facebook Live broadcasts aren’t that helpful.

Whatever it is, take it in. Consider how you can use that feedback to hone your content and offerings or open your mind a little.

Of course, if the person sending the feedback isn’t in your target audience, then let it go. Don’t dismiss that person as a hater. Acknowledge them as someone that isn’t feeling what you're putting out there. And know that it’s okay. 

You don’t need to allow your ego to get all in a tizzy and you don’t need to rant about haters on social media. 

In the words of Anna from Frozen, “let it gooo!”

I want to hear from you.

What are your opinions and experiences with haters? Comment below!