How to Increase Your Social Brand Experience Through Automation

 Learn a quick overview of why and how to automate your social media presence to increase your brand experience and build influence. Click through to read the post.

Remember the calendar app Sunrise?

It was such a perfect way to organize your day and then along came Microsoft. They bought Sunrise and made it disappear. Moral of the story– fuck you Microsoft. Just kidding ;)

My point is that sometimes we fall in love with apps and then they disappear, either because not enough people are using them or they’re acquired by a demonic entity. Recently, I’ve been using an app that I’m starting to fall for and so I wanted to share it with all of you, in the hopes that it won’t disappear anytime soon.

About the app:

The app is called Elokenz and it automagically posts to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts by creating a content library for the app to pull and setting up your preferred schedule.

Why automation is beneficial:

You’re a solopreneur or maybe you work with a trusted VA but you don’t have time to do all the things yourself. You need to focus on delivering an amazing client experience and on networking in Facebook groups. But you need to consistently put yourself out there and share value in order to build credibility and attract an audience.

By setting up an automated library of content that speaks to who you are and what you believe in, you’re crafting a value-driven experience for your audience and freeing yourself up to do the real work. You’re also building relationships with peers by sharing their work on a consistent basis.

How to use the app:

Elokenz is pretty simple to use and, while there’s not a ton of functionality right now, there are some pretty exciting updates in the works (check out my interview with the founder below).

First off, Elokenz will automatically pull content and provide you with suggestions based on RSS feeds that you input into your account.

Add your RSS feed links to Elokenz to get content suggestions automatically.

Based on the suggested content you can choose to delete those suggestions or to create a “repost” that goes into your content library.

Easily delete or add suggested articles to your content library.

In the repost editor, you’ll see that Elokenz automagically creates 2 posts for you to use, which you can easily edit or delete. You can set up different posts for different social media accounts here too.

Elokenz will automatically create to post messages for you based on the RSS article. You can then activate those messages, edit them, or delete them in 1 click.

Elokenz will create a schedule for you based on how many times per day you want to post content and this is customized for each social media account. You can also toggle reposts on and off from your repost queue and see when they’re scheduled to post.

Best of all the free plan is incredible for newbie business owners and the individual plan is super affordable. Like for real.

With plans this great, who knows how long these prices will last? Seriously, don't wait.

What’s in the works for Elokenz?

I had the opportunity to interview the founder Jean-Christophe Lavocat PhD about some of the features of Elokenz and what’s in store.

Q: How are times selected for the calendar scheduling?

A: “At the moment, those time slots are randomly generated for each user to pre-populate the calendar. I know that this is not perfect, so I plan to implement something less generic in the future.”

Q: Will you add the ability to manually move posts around or to randomly shuffle them?

A: “Yes!!! This one is very important to me. I have planned to work on it very soon. You can expect to have this 'sorting' feature by the end of March.”

Q: What about the analytics: can we expect a more visual representation of the data in the future?

A: “Yes, we are currently doing some research to understand how we can deliver these stats in a simple but meaningful way. Currently, we have info about each piece of content in the logs and we want to display only what's bringing value to the user.
We don't want to build a new 'Google Analytics'.... Instead, we prefer to spend some time to understand how we can surface the important data.”

Q: Do you plan to have some sort of "categorization" for users to have content buckets for different article categories and they can choose to have articles from those categories post on certain days / times?

A: “Exactly… this is why users can set tags in the library. Eventually, users will be able to have several calendars for a given social account.
For instance, you could have tags such as 'awareness' and 'tutorial' that describe your content. Then, because you want to share more 'awareness' pieces than 'tutorial' ones, you could create two calendars for your Twitter account.  The 'awareness' calendar will share 2 times / day, while the 'tutorial' will just share 1 time on Monday and Thursday.
However, this feature will only come after this Spring. We want to release the Analytics dashboard first, and this will take some time to implement.”

So, bottom line... it’s going to be just as badass as MeetEdgar for a fraction of the price.

You better jump on this while it’s still new. Click the link below to go sign up for the free plan (I’m not an affiliate, I just love the product and it’s important for me to support other small business owners).