5 common limiting beliefs about your website that are limiting your growth

 The 5 most common limiting beliefs about your website that you MUST release…IF you want to wake up to an inbox full of client inquiries, interview invites, and random "fan mail" so you can make a sustainable income without selling your soul AND FINALLY feel like a "real business owner".

Let's talk about the 5 most common “invisible scripts” about your website that you MUST release…  

IF you want to wake up to an inbox full of client inquiries, interview invites, and random "fan mail" so you can make a sustainable income without selling your soul AND FINALLY feel like a "real business owner".

Invisible Script #1:

“I don't need a website.”


Your website is essential as an online business (especially a service-based one). And here are 5 specific reasons WHY you need a standout website to get ROI on your marketing.

When I hear respected influencers saying that you don’t need a website. It’s like they have no idea what a website even IS.⠀

They seem to think of it as just the visual aspect of your digital presence rather than the container for your brand mission + message.⠀Your website is SO much more than that.


After I revamped my website I attracted 12 new clients —without even trying. (And you can find out how I attracted those clients in this post.)

Invisible Script #2:

“I need to list all of the services I can offer on my website to attract clients.”


Trying to be everything to everyone is a sure way to attract no one (and to stagnate at bargain-basement package prices). This comes down to the difference between a freelancer and a trusted advisor. The freelancer is often hired based on getting someone “good enough” at the lowest price, the advisor is someone that can command higher rates for their expertise.


What separates you from any other freelancer on a website like Upwork or Craigslist? It's your expertise and your specific messaging. By showcasing yourself as an expert and getting specific, you'll attract more of your dream clients to you.

So let’s unpack that a bit and talk about how to find the right balance between the widely relatable and the specifically resonant (because a standout brand needs both).⠀
Step 1: Go Narrow
One thing I see emerging entrepreneurs struggling with the most is how to narrow in on their “niche”. And that’s often because they don’t know…⠀

WHO it is they serve (or even WHAT, specifically, they do for them). ⠀
Or HOW they’re different (in terms of their values, vision, and processes, etc).⠀

The solution to this is to do research:⠀
Research yourself —articulate your brand vision, values, and vibe.⠀
Research your peers —articulate the gaps you see and how you’re different.⠀
Research your people —articulate the type of person you want to work with and the type of transformation you can offer them.⠀
Step 2: Go Wide
Once you’ve done the research, narrowed in, and articulated the specific messages that will resonate with your people…⠀

Then it’s time to go wide.⠀

Think about your mission and big-picture message. This is where your “WHY” comes into play, your vision for starting this business, your aspirational purpose for existing as a brand.⠀

Your message is relevant to your messaging.

Invisible Script #3:

“The only way to get consistent client leads is by networking for referrals.”


Referrals are incredible but they’re only ONE channel to get clients from. Your website should be bringing you new leads on the regular.


After working with my clients, they often report clients coming to them via Google for the first time EVER. You can learn more about client-acquisition channels in this post (which includes a sweet free workbook and a video).

Because the thing is:⠀
When your brand, messaging, + website as a whole system STAND OUT …then YOU can do much LESS:⠀

  • networking⠀
  • selling⠀
  • and other forms of hustle-marketing⠀⠀

Instead, your website is doing the selling for you. It’s attracting the interview and collaborations for you, and it’s selling your prospective clients on your services FOR YOU.⠀

This is the greatest gift as an introverted online business owner. Sure, you still need to be consistent about sharing valuable content, but you get to do it in a way that feels:⠀

  1. completely authentic to your personality⠀
  2. natural, easy, and (even) fun⠀
  3. totally no-pressure to “close” anyone⠀

And that’s the difference that a STANDOUT website can have on your business.

It helps your business stand out from the saturated “sea of sameness” in the online entrepreneurial bubble so that you don’t have to stand in the spotlight.

Invisible Script #4:

“I need to grow my list to have consistent client work.”


Most of my clients did not come from my email list. (Some did).


In fact, if we’re not careful, the lists we’re building might not be aligned with our ideal clients, to begin with. As a service-based business owner, you don’t need a big list for consistent clients, you need a relevant list.

Invisible Script #5:

“I just need to set up a killer funnel to get sustainable income on autopilot.”


Your funnel isn’t working because your website and messaging aren’t working.


To see real ROI from your funnel (and marketing efforts as a whole), you’ve got to first get specific with your words and craft a standout site that attracts the right people right away.

If you’ve been in this entrepreneurial bubble for a minute, you’ve probably been told that funnels are the magical way to get automatic, reliable, and sustainable income so that you can enjoy endless freedom, 4-hour-workweek-style.

But respectfully? I’ve gotta disagree.

Because they’re only telling you a portion of the story. (Kinda like how I can look good in photos if I tilt my head the right way and have perfect lighting —but that’s not real life.)

I know that might sound incendiary, but hear me out. What I’ve realized (after enrolling in waaay too many courses and following the “proven systems”) is this:

As a service-based entrepreneur, your website is your business card. It’s your storefront. It’s how people “measure you up” before deciding to go deeper with you.

And so, if your website, landing pages, and sales pages don’t speak to your people and don’t speak to your brand…

If they don’t STAND OUT from the sea of sameness…

Then your sales funnel is going to be like Sisyphus pushing your website rock up the business hill —never quite getting to that “next level”.

So, they may be telling you that a sales funnel is all you need for sustainable wealth and business freedom…

BUT the truth is:

You ALSO need a well-crafted website that speaks to your people and stands out in a saturated market.

Once I realized this:

That my website is part of a sales system and my marketing efforts are to drive people into that sales system, it was an “AH-HA” moment for me.

Now it makes sense WHY those strategies I was being taught weren’t working for me —because they’re only part of the whole picture.

The thing they’re not teaching you is just how IMPORTANT your website is in completing that picture. So that your funnel and landing pages (and website as a whole) work cohesively as your sales system AND THEN your marketing efforts (blogging, SEO, social media, ads, networking) drive people into that sales system.

Does this make sense?

If any of the above made you want to jump up and shout “Hell YES!”...

I’ve got something for you! 👇

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