Make Your Website A Client-Magnet: 3 Truths You Need to Know

 These 3 common website myths are often thrown about by influencers but they're dead wrong. And It’s going to take more TIME and more HUSTLE to achieve the results you want UNLESS you can make the necessary mental shifts to let these myths go. Click through to find out what to do.

In my last post, I told you about my comprehensive process for crafting a standout website that helps you earn more, work less, and feel good about it.

And today I want to do some mental judo with you. (If you know actual judo, then you are far more badass than I am. Respect.)

Because the thing is:

You’ve got nothing to stop you from doubling your rates and booking out your top-tier service packages… except for your mindset.

Honestly, these 3 common myths are blocking your website (and your business) from getting to the next-level.

But it’s not your fault.

I’m talking about these 3 website myths, specifically, because this is the advice I’ve seen respected influencers dishing out, which makes them exponentially more harmful.

Because so-and-so heard it directly from a respected entrepreneur that Wordpress is better for SEO, she tells her friends (and they tell their friends)… you can see how quickly these myths can ravage our little entrepreneurial bubble.

But the thing is… they’re not true.

And believing these things is going to hold you back. Because following the crowd is no way to stand out.

It’s going to take more TIME and more HUSTLE to achieve the results you want UNLESS you can make the necessary mental shifts to let these myths go.

Ready to go Mythbusters with me?

MYTH #1: You don’t need a website because a website is simply “cosmetic”.

This is an exact quote taken from a course community that I’m a part of. The course instructor gave this rather emphatic advice, which I see all too often:

“STOP WORKING ON YOUR WEBSITE! You do not need a website to get clients…. Working on your website is EXACTLY the kind of thing that is distracting you from getting clients….if you start working on your website now, you will wind up changing everything later. You're here because you have FOUNDATIONAL work to do. Websites are cosmetic.”

TRUTH #1: You DO need a website and your website is so much MORE than cosmetic.

First off, I went all ranty in this post about the why you DO need a website (hint: it comes down to the distinction between service-based business and product-based ones).

And your website is much more than just, “cosmetic”:

  1. It is the tangible representation of your online business.

  2. It is the sales system generating revenue for your business – conversions often start and end on your website.

  3. It is where you present your brand message + mission to the world, connect with the right people, and bring them into your inner circle.

The truth is: The higher the quality of your website, the less you have to hustle for profit or publicity.

And a high-quality website is much more than just visuals. (About 80% of what makes up a top-tier website has nothing to do with aesthetics). Your website is the (much-needed) container that allows you to present your packages to your ideal clients in a way that stands out from the competition and feels “right” for your right people.

So trust me when I say, “you DO need a website”.

MYTH #2: You don’t need a website because clients come via referrals.

Go into any online community and ask people where their clients come from, and the majority of them are likely to mention “referrals” as a top source of clients.

Because of this, the myth that service-based business owners DON’T need a website is prevalent. The funny thing is, though, if you go into those same online communities and ask people for a provider recommendation like:

“Does anyone know any SEO experts that focus specifically on Squarespace?”

You’ll be sure to get a handful of responses like:

“Oh my friend Meg has a package just for Squarespace SEO… she’s great!”.

And then what?

What is the VERY next question that the person looking for the SEO specialist will ask?

“Awesome! She sounds like exactly the person I’m looking for. What’s her website?

Dun. Dun. DUN!

TRUTH #2: You DO need a website ESPECIALLY if you get clients, mainly, via referrals.

Yes, my friends. Even if people are being referred to you, the very first thing they do is to visit your website. And if you’re website was hastily put together, or hasn’t been updated in more than 2 years, or is all flat-lay photos + feminine fonts when this person wants something different… then you’re not likely to win that client.

Remember this:

The higher the quality your website, the less you have to hustle to make the sale (and vice versa). I call this the “Hustle Quotient”.


MYTH #3: You shouldn’t invest in a website yet because “everything could change”.

Now, this is one I saw recently in another online community I’m part of that’s run by a respected business owner and is full of top-name entrepreneurs. Someone had asked a question about what process to take when starting a website from scratch. And the advice she received from a well-known entrepreneur was, honestly, completely off-base:

“I would say go with an inexpensive or even free template (I like Wordpress) with a great headshot of you and focus on a really strong call to action — whatever it is that will lead to sales for you.

Don't spend a lot of money on a website at this point, because everything could change!  Put something up to get you started and then invest in some powerful branding a year or two down the line when you have a better idea of your business.”

First, please never use “an inexpensive or even free template” from Wordpress and think that’ll attract high-quality clients. I’ve ranted about my thoughts on templates enough before, so I’ll spare you here.

The real problem with this advice is this part:

“...everything could change!  Put something up to get you started and then invest in some powerful branding a year or two down the line when you have a better idea of your business.”

TRUTH #3: Everything will change. And you should invest in a solid website foundation from day 1*.

Your business will evolve, continually. You aren’t going to reach a magical point where you’ve finally figured everything out and set your business in stone. To avoid investing in a sound web strategy, because your business will change, is ridiculous advice.

Of course, it will change. And, of course, you STILL NEED a solid website in place no matter what phase you’re in if you want to be taken seriously as an online business.

AND, what’s even more important here:

By avoiding the steps of creating a website, you’re delaying your ability to understand your ideal client and your unique position in the market.

Following this advice would be like following the “spaghetti against the wall” approach – throw some noodles and see what sticks.

By going through the process of crafting a website now:

  1. You’ll understand your ideal clients' needs and desires.

  2. You’ll understand your unique position in the competitive landscape.

  3. You’ll understand how to communicate what you do, who you serve, and how you’re different in a way that is meaningful to the people you want to work with.

In short: you’ll be able to make more of the right offers that connect with the right people at the right time, because you’ve got the research, brand strategy, copy, and visuals that work together to form your standout website.

*Note here: when I say you should “invest” in your website from day 1, I don’t mean to go hire a fancy web designer if you’ve got no experience. I mean to literally invest time and/or money into the process because it is absolutely critical to your business growth.

Because following the common advice of the crowd, is no way to stand out.

And having a standout website can help you bust through your pricing plateau and sell out your packages.

It doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, though.

You just need to work with a professional to take care of this for you and guide you through the process. And, hey, I happen to do just that ;)

With my all-in-one website package: The WWW, you get the research, strategy, copy, AND design DONE FOR YOU in one standout Squarespace website that lets you double your rates, sell out your services, and have more free time again.


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