The 1 Sales Page You Need to Attract Extra Revenue at the End of a Quarter

 In this blog post, I'm covering the #1 way you can bring in some extra clients and cash at the end of the month or quarter with only 1 sales page. Click through to watch the video and read the post!

Boost your revenue in Q4

Or really at the end of any quarter, with one sales offer.

There's a FREE download for you with my top 7 'petite' package ideas and you can get that here.

This is a really good PDF download and includes specific examples including:

  • how long the package should be
  • how much it might cost
  • what your deliverables might look like

So definitely grab that.

Now the #1 the sales page that I'd recommend that you create to boost your income at the end of a month, quarter, or year is a "mini" service sales page.

A mini service is a limited time offer that you can use to get more clients + cash quickly so that you can meet your Q4 revenue goals.

What exactly is a mini service?

Well, it's a small offering that you can quickly deliver that gets your client a specific result or WIN. Because you want to be able to get clients to buy this BUT you don't want to spend all your weekends doing extra work.

It needs to be specific. So you want to have a specific solution for a specific person or market that costs less than $200 and takes no more than an hour of your time.

Real-life examples of services that sell.

Ones that I've created:

I sold a mini serviced called Course Coaching for a limited time and with a limited number of spots. It was for a specific person (someone that kept buying courses but didn't necessarily going through them or get any results and yet they were still buying courses). So I wanted to help them to break that cycle by actually going through the course content.

It wasn't related to web design but I saw that this problem existed and felt compelled to help.

Now one ongoing service that I have is a mini service called Designer-On-Demand. So this is where I offer Squarespace support. And Squarespace customizations in 48 hours or less so it's a very quick turnaround and it's only a $50 investment for a one-off Squarespace customization.

So it's a very specific solution for a specific market (creatives that use Squarespace).

Ones that I've purchased from others:

The Kickstart Clarity Session from my friend and video expert Tors.

You can see here that she launched it very easily with this low-key email. And it was a limited time offer for a specific problem and a specific market.

Her "promise" (aka the result) was that you could jump on a call with her to work through the steps involved and the equipment needed in order to shoot your first video. The person she was targeting was someone that knew they wanted to use video to market their services or products but weren't sure where to start. So they wanted extra help and expertise to know how to do it better.

And I actually worked with Tors to make my first Youtube video with her guidance and feedback. It was incredible.

Now an evergreen mini service that I purchased from Erika Madden of is the 'Smile lite audit'. This is specifically auditing an aspect of either your blog or social media presence (in terms of the way that you're engaging and interacting with your fans and followers).

I asked her to audit my Instagram feed. Erika went through the comments on my feed and gave me specific tips for how I can better respond and engage with my followers. It changed not only the way that I think about my Instagram comments but also the way that I think about responding to people in general and it helped me approach my communication in a better way.

And another limited-time mini service that I purchased was from Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial when she offered her 'Year of Content', 52 content ideas for next year. It was offered at $99 for a limited time and with a very limited number of spots.

It was a really great way that she was able to test an idea she had for a new service, while still making some money. And now she's expanded on it and offers it as one of her primary services.

She was able to get a revenue boost AND to validate that her service idea would work for her audience. She told me that it brought in five new clients for her in a very low-key and non-stressful way.

It actually brought me five new clients in a low-key, non-stressful way... and then continued to grow from there throughout the year.
— Ashley, Brooks Editorial

If you want even MORE ideas and examples with specifics...

You can download my top 7 Petite Package Ideas to attract more clients and cash with less time and effort.


Let's recap:

Today we talked about how you can bring in extra income at the end of a quarter and you can do it by creating and launching a limited time mini service which will deliver a specific result or "quick win" for a specific person.

Do you currently offer any "mini" services?

If so, I want to hear about it! Leave a comment below with a brief description and link to your sales page.