The 1 thing you NEED to attract more profit + PR (with less hustle)

 It’s easy to fall prey to the tempting marketing messages of being able to skyrocket your profits and PR opportunities. But, by allowing ourselves to get sucked into those tempting rabbit holes, we are procrastinating on what we REALLY NEED to get right. And that is...

I saw a quote the other day that said, “Take action. Not courses.” and it’s true. Being in this bubble of creative entrepreneurship leads us to believe that courses are the answer to building an online business that brings us freedom and unlimited income potential.

But the big-name entrepreneurs selling courses (with their dozens of affiliate minions) are so far removed from what goes into building a brand and business from scratch in TODAY’S digital landscape, that they don’t really know what it’s like.

And so they end up spouting off the same vague advice that everyone else seems to be giving: build your social media following, grow your list, run webinars, sell courses. Blah, blah, blah...

What’s more...

In order to fulfill on the promise that their course is for EVERYONE in ANY type of business, they’ve had to abstract their course content to such a generic level.  And the problem with generic advice is that it’s great for a foundational understanding of something BUT it’s shit at helping you achieve tangible results.

The truth is, those courses actually ARE best for a certain type of person: the complete beginner ––the person that’s never bought an online course and has no idea what first step to take.

But YOU are not a beginner anymore and you’re well-seasoned in the woeful ways of most online courses. Sure, you’ve probably gotten a few “ah-ha moments” and some nifty tactics to takeaway and try, but did any of them leave your business noticeably better off?

Believe me: I know.

I’ve enrolled in nearly 300 courses at this point and I can tell you, with complete honesty, that I’ve only gotten value from a handful of them.

It’s easy to fall prey to their tempting marketing messages of being able to skyrocket your audience growth and sell passive products while you sleep. But, by doing that, by allowing ourselves to get sucked into those falsehoods, we are procrastinating on what we REALLY NEED to get right.

And that’s your website.

The thing is: I’ve noticed that many of us creative entrepreneurs (myself included) have a tendency to focus too much time, money, and mental energy on external marketing tactics when we really need to get our websites set up effectively FIRST.

Because inviting a bunch of classy people over to a backyard barbecue might not get you the best results (if you get my analogy). So, even if we never work together, please do remember that by up-leveling your site, you will amplify your marketing efforts. I call this the hustle-quotient (the higher the quality of your site, the less hustle you need and vice versa).

Your website is so much more than just a place to link to from your Instagram bio.

  1. It is your #1 asset as an online business owner.

  2. It attracts PR opportunities and potential clients to you.

  3. And it is the SYSTEM that sells your services.  

And yet…

The mistake that I see business owners making MOST often is to avoid doing the foundational work that NEEDS to happen in order to build a standout brand (both intentionally and unintentionally).

They think that they can skip ahead and follow the X, Y, and Z tactics that they see other business owners supposedly having success with.

The #1 thing you do NOT need to attract more profit + PR is:

You do NOT need another course on X,Y, or Z tactic.

Instead, you need a better website.

And I’m not just talking about the visual aspect of your website, I’m talking about everything that goes into it:

  1. The brand strategy

  2. The messaging

  3. The visuals

  4. The experience

Because your website is your online sales SYSTEM.

It’s where interest is generated and leads are closed. (That is, of course, after you promote your website to be your VP of sales so that you can slide into that CEO role and STOP hustling for leads).

It’s not about social media marketing, or using ConvertKit for your email list, or any of those specific tools + tactics that are distracting you from the very necessary foundational element:

Your standout website.

Your website, when done right:

  1. Fills your waitlist with clients who are happy to pay you a fair rate (instead of the bargain basement rates you’re currently charging).

  2. Acts as your salesperson, starting the conversation, directing subscribers to your email list, and then bringing them back to your sales page to close the deal.

  3. Steadily grows your audience (and not the unengaged, apathetic kind, but your “true fans” that rave about everything you do).

  4. Attracts PR opportunities like guest post requests and podcast interviews without you having to pitch yourself.

The longer you wait to do the essential work that goes into creating your digital landmark (or, what I like to call your “webSIGHT”), the longer it’s going to take you to get to that place of less hustle and more ease. Because your current website is acting like a brick ceiling on your business growth.

And that’s why I’ve made The Foolproof Website Formula™ group program for you.

So that you can finally create that cohesive, credible, and craveable webSIGHT to serve as your brand ambassador and your VP of sales.

Because you’re damn good at what you do...

  1. And it’s time you start acting like the visionary of your business instead of the hustler.
  2. It’s time you pass the sales torch over to your website and let yourself do the work that you do best.
  3. It’s time to get the complete Foolproof Website Formula and stop trying to piece it together on your own.

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