The 5-Step Process That Helps Solopreneurs Craft Sell-Out Services

 Learn the 5-step full-proof method for crafting your sell-out signature service package.

As a one-woman shop, I know how frustrating it can be to develop your service packages. When you have so many aspects of running your business that constantly vie for your attention, it’s easy to bundle up your offerings and call it a day.

But, as time passes, you find that you’re not bringing in as many clients as you’d hoped. So you tweak your offerings or you change up your prices... just trying to find that sweet spot.

This is the trial-and-error method of packaging services that so many solopreneurs use — and it’s time to put an end to it. I’ve got some (good) news for you: There’s a better way.

Read this full article in my guest post on One Woman Shop to find out exactly how to craft your sell-out signature service using UX principles.