What You Should Know About Launching Your Course

Launch your course like a boss with webinars.

Here's what really makes webinars so powerful.

You've done it. You've finally started crafting your signature course– the thing you've spent months, maybe years, thinking about. And it's finally time for you to get serious about launching. That's when you get to share it with the world, to see the impact on your audience. To see real change from something you've created. But, in order to do that, people need to know about it. You have to market yourself.

The thing about marketing is that it's highly visual. It reaches people at the pre-verbal level to connect emotionally. In order to have a marketing campaign that leads to a successful launch, you can't just share amazing verbal content, you need to share visuals that connect to convert. One of the best methods of converting browsers into buyers is through webinars. If done well, you can get five (or more) figures from your launch. Let's take a real-world example.

You're probably already familiar with Kimra Luna (if not you can listen to Pat Flynn's podcast episode where she shares her journey). She has been a big proponent of webinars and even has a course teaching how to use them effectively for launches. So, when Kimra had a big launch campaign around her signature course, Be True Brand You, I naturally watched the webinars, hoping to learn something. And I did.

The content she shared was great. Rather than teaching, for instance, "The 7 ways you can market yourself and your biz", she picked just one small piece to teach. Something that people could take action on right away. But the problem was... these weren't really webinars. They were, essentially, audio lessons – just her voice over a black screen with tiny white letters as she scrolled through an Evernote. This left me feeling like she didn't care enough to share real slides with us. Like she couldn't be bothered. More than that, it left me feeling zero emotional connection. Needless to say, I did not purchase BTBY.

Now, let's take a look at someone that does webinars like a pro. I'm talking about Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed. If you ever get the opportunity to watch one of her launch webinars, DO IT. She's got it down: the timing, the tone, the slides, and the pitch. She uses fun on-brand language like "super secret squirrel offer". She starts every webinar by encouraging viewers to take notes and to tweet those notes out. Her slides are beautifully branded and lead the audience through the presentation. Let's step back and think about why this actually makes a difference.

Spoiler Alert: this part is where I'm going to get a little academic, but stay with me because this shit is important. According to a study cited by Columbia University, researchers found that when listening to a lecture, students only retain about 20% of what they hear. When visual aids were added, however, their retention rates significantly increased by up to 38% more than listening alone. In fact, the best way to increase retention of information (i.e. learning) is when these three things happen:

  1. They listen to the lecture (auditory)
  2. They see key points in writing (visual)
  3. They write down notes (kinesthetic)

Going back to our two webinar examples: Kimra hit one of those points really well and Halley hit all three out of the park. And, in case you're wondering, I signed up for Halley's course before she even finished the webinar.

The power of visuals in your launch is not something to overlook. Your graphics can connect with your audience on the pre-verbal, emotional level, which is how you really get them to buy. So, when you're getting ready to launch your course or group program with a webinar, I encourage you to take the time to craft a great webinar slide deck. Give it the attention it deserves because it really is one of the power tools in you selling toolbox. Your slides can either show your audience that you go above and beyond to deliver kick ass content or that you cut corners and just want the sale.

To sum it up:

When you launch your course with a webinar (which you definitely should), you'll want to do these things:

  1. Design on-brand, visually stimulating slides
  2. Include your most potent talking points on the slides (you don't want to give your audience information overload by word-vomiting all over the slides)
  3. Encourage your audience to take and share notes during the presentation

And, if you're looking for inspiration, check out: Halley, Melyssa Griffin, or Mariah Coz (I know there are other webinar powerhouses out there, but these are three of my favorites).

Now, having a brilliant slide deck is just one of the six essential design elements that you need in place to rock your launch (because you don't want to put in all the blood, sweat, and tears to make your magnum opus only to have it fizzle out during an anticlimactic launch).