This isn't your typical generic checklist...

Here's what you'll get:

  1. In this comprehensive checklist, I’m giving you the precise 9 steps you NEED to craft your standout website so that you can own your expertise, promote yourself with confidence, AND attract more high-quality clients. Because the quality of your website determines the rate you can comfortably charge for your services. So to SELL OUT you need to STAND OUT.

What makes this different:

  1. This is more in-depth + specific than any of those generic website checklists. This checklist focuses on the actual strategic process of crafting a unique + user-friendly website, it does NOT cover the specific tactics of lead generation.

Who this is perfect for:

  1. For service-centered business owners that want to go from DIY to dramatically different (without spending $10k - $20k hiring professionals). They want to understand how to write, design, and build websites + sales pages in an effective, professional way so that they can grow their businesses efficiently.


This checklist has people talking (in a good way):

 The bold, the beautiful, the badass: Halley Gray

"...this could be a paid product with the amount of info you're giving Meghan.... you've gone above and beyond (again)."

–Halley Gray,

 The bright, beautiful, and bubbly Allie Bittner

"This is killer. It's seriously freakin' comprehensive. I ALWAYS appreciate your thoughtful approach to creating content that's truly effective."

–Allie Bittner,

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