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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

You’re wicked smart and you’ve got waaay more experience than you realize.

Trust me boo, another course is (most likely) NOT what you need right now. Jumping on the next shiny train at consumption junction and riding it to the end of the line, is not gonna take you where you want to go. But you can get there with focus and follow-through!


Do you really need another $2k program to teach you how to build an online business?

  • You’ve already spent more money than you’ll ever admit on courses, ebooks, and online workshops.
  • You get distracted by all those pretty people pimping their “secret to 6-figure success” programs.
  • You’ve heard the claim, “this is THE course to end all courses…” more than once (spoiler alert: it never is).
  • You’ve told yourself that you’d resist buying ANY new programs, but then this really game-changing one came up and temptation got the best of you.
  • You unsubscribe from newsletters all the time and feel good for awhile but then some damn Facebook ad sucks you into another thing.
  • You signed up for a few things last weekend and now have 169 emails in your inbox. 
  • You’re wondering if this might be a legit addiction that comes with a 12 step program (and a Facebook community with live Q+As). 😂
  • You feel like you’re on the edge of making a big mistake because you don't know something that you need to know – aka FOMO!
  • You often get lost in the world wide web rabbit hole of information and can’t seem to stay focused on one thing without signing up for another challenge or ebook.

Which leaves you questioning: Am I doomed to get lost for days trying to work it all out?

You’re suffering from information overload, girlfriend. It feels like way too much info… just too much to consume. And there’s actually a limit to how much willpower our brains can muster. So when you’re constantly bombarded by all these shiny marketing messages, it’s only a matter of time before you’re sucked into buying another course. It’s not your fault!

A lot of us are information junkies (I’m the first to raise my hand on this one). We’re taking the courses, reading the books, listening to the podcasts, reading the blogs, watching the webinars, signing up for the freebies, learning ALL the things…

And then struggling to actually implement what we’ve learned into measurable growth for our businesses. But the problem with too much information overload is that you can forget how to use your own voice or how to trust your gut instincts. In studying everyone else, you can lose touch with your unique zone of genius.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that are more than happy to teach you their secret to 6-figs. But only you can define what success looks like to you. What works for others may not be the best option for your unique skills, your unique circumstances, and your unique brand.


You want to get shit done and keep that needle moving forward in your biz.

I’ve got news for you, gorgeous... you already ARE a fucking genius. And the longer you hide it, the longer you procrastinate, and the longer you keep running on this spasmodic hamster wheel – the farther away from reaching your goals you’ll be.

Those dreams you have of running your own sustainably growing online business. With you as CEO and visionary driving your expanding empire toward a comfortable level of success. So that you finally feel the freedom to live the lifestyle you crave AND you actually have the white space, the motivation, and the ability to make an impact with those extra dolla’ bills.

And how about your more immediate desires? You want to feel focused, not frazzled. You want to feel on top of your to-dos, not overwhelmed by them. You want to feel clarity around your strategy and have the confidence that you know how to follow-through.


Those dreams can be your reality (and much sooner than you think).

And that’s exactly why I created my pop-up service Course Coaching. After falling prey to all of those predatory sales pitches and watching the same thing happen to so many of my peers, I felt compelled to do something about it. This isn’t about swearing off all course buying! Because I’m not doing that and I know there still is a lot of value to be gained from ladies like you!

Course Coaching is about getting freedom from FOMO (fear of missing out) and having the focus to follow-through. So that, when you DO enroll in another program (trust me, it’ll happen), you have the support and accountability you need to actually finish the work and get results.


How Course Coaching works:

With Course Coaching, you and I will sit down and have a deep convo about where you’re at in your business, where you want to be, and why you’re feeling driven to purchase another course (#realtalk). You can ask me anything (seriously) about my experience in any of the 252 programs I’ve enrolled in.

If you do decide that enrolling in a course is the right step for you, we’ll work out a strategy for making the most of the training. I’ll be available to you via email, Slack, or FB messenger (you pick which medium works for you) to provide course support and 1:1 feedback to keep you focused on the follow-through for up to 4 weeks.


I want to support you where you need it most, so here are your 2 options:

Advice + Accountability

  1. One 60-minute Course Coaching call, where you can ask me anything and get clear on whether or not you should enroll in XYZ course and the best strategy to make the most of your training.
  2. Access to my inbox (or Slack or messenger) for up to 4 weeks so you can ask any follow-up Q's + get 1:1 feedback as you work through the course.
  3. Weekly accountability check-ins where I gently nudge you to stay focused on the follow-through.


Just the Advice:

  1. One 30-minute Course Coaching call, where you can ask me anything and get clear on whether or not you should enroll in XYZ course and the best strategy to make the most of your training.
  2. Access to my inbox for 7 days so that you can ask any follow-up questions or get further feedback.
  3. Plus, you get the option of upgrading to the full 4-week accountability program, if you decide that it's best for your business goals.



Here’s how we get started:

  1. Click that “I’m in! Let’s do this.” button, which will take you to my scheduling page.
  2. Choose a date and time that works for you for our call and complete payment.
  3. Feel free to peruse my long list of courses to see if the one you want to ask me about is one I’ve enrolled in, too.
  4. Then, we meet! You get answers, an action plan, and an accountability bud to keep you moving forward.

Hey, I’m Meghan!

I'm the kind of person that gets swept away by stories and am easily drawn in by emotional appeals (I mean I cried watching Pokémon). And this sensitivity has led me to purchase waaay too many programs and books that are left unfinished, because I feel like I must be missing something.

I'm guilty of buying a TON of courses (252 to be exact) most of which I have not completed. And I’ve spent more than $15,000 on them without really seeing results (except for a handful of really great programs). And I’m not the only one.

I want to help you to realize that you’ve already got all the smarts you need to run your online business, it just takes a focus on creation, rather than consumption. Look, sometimes you do need to buy a book or enroll in a program to get the results you’re after. But you need a little support and accountability to make the most of your training. And I’m here for you.


Just the FAQs...

I thought you did web design and user experience…. Why are you offering this?

Great question! First, I still do web design and teach about user experience. But, I’ve seen a trend (or perhaps more of a downward spiral) where me and so many of my fellow solopreneurs are stuck in this perpetual hamster wheel of course buying. And, as long as we keep running on that wheel, we’re not actually moving our businesses forward. And I felt compelled to help. More than that, as someone that’s enrolled in over 250 programs and spent more than $15k, I feel more-than-qualified to have open discussions (#realtalk) about courses. I want to help you make the right decision for your business and then to follow-through on that plan.

If I decide to move forward with ongoing support, can we do the weekly accountability check-ins via Skype instead of email?

If that’s your thing, girl, I got you. I want to structure this in a way that is easy for you and keeps you motivated to get shit done.

Will you try to sell me on a course or program that you’re an affiliate for?

Hell, no, girlfriend! I care about you doing what’s right for YOU! I will never provide you with an affiliate link for anything unless you specifically ask for it.

I have another question that I want to ask you, that’s not listed here.

Sweet! Send me any and all Qs to (just pop something about “course coaching” in the subject line).


Listen, I know you’ve got a so many ideas bouncing around your head that are trying to come out.

But if you’re constantly shoving other people’s content in all your inputs, then how do you expect any of those creative genius moments to come out?

It’s time to put the kibosh on willy-nilly content consumption (both free and paid) and focus on really getting shit done! Or you can keep struggling on your own (and buying #allthethings), but I don’t think you want to. 😉