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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Rebel against website conformity.

Crafting websites for creatives that want to stand out and sell out their top-tier services.

So you can double your rates, sell out your services & build brand buzz.

It's not easy. I get it.

I understand what it’s like to have a website that isn’t quite “you”.

It feels like a poor adaptation of others in your market; a Frankenstein-like attempt to stand apart yet still feel like one of the cool kids. So how do you find–and own–your particular zone (of genius)?

 The WWW Website Package: Connecting the dots between the Ws

01 Brand Contrast

To stand out as a brand, you have to rebel against conformity and show off your superpowers.

02 Magnetic Copy

To write client-magnet copy, you have to go undercover to research your ideal clients.

03 Standout Site

To craft a captivating website, you have to balance BOTH in a user-friendly container that makes people stop + sign up.

I saw DOUBLE-DIGIT improvements in every area: page views, bounce rate, traffic... it still makes me grin.
— Tess Blankenship, Outsourcing Consultant

Let’s Craft Your Standout Websight

Choose your own path to freedom from website woes:


The WWW™

I’m ready to raise my rates and need a quality website that stands out & sells out.

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The Code Shop

I want quick help to customize my Squarespace site so it doesn't look DIY.

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The Web 101 Series

I need to learn the foundations + prep steps for crafting a client-magnet website.

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Status quo? Hell no.

I’m not the pixel-pushing designer that you’d hire to make a website that looks like everyone else’s. I’m a bit of a rebel, I’ll admit. I’ve never been afraid to shake up the status quo and I took an unconventional path to get here.

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Meghan Hartman-Gomez

My unconventional + comprehensive approach will take you from snoozable web-slight to standout web-sight.

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Wondering about my street cred?

I’ve worked as a website + marketing designer for SaaS companies for almost 5 years now. I’ve helped over a dozen creative entrepreneurs to craft standout websites. AND I’ve taught 100+ students my method of creating user-friendly websites through my online courses.

From this, I’ve discovered that what I do exceptionally well is to balance the creative with the analytical. I blend your voice + vision into a well-crafted website that contrasts you from the competition and attracts more clients to your digital doorstep.

Your website CAN (and should) attract high-quality clients without the hustle (sorry Gary V).
 Get the FREE Website Foundations Workbook and get clear on your website's PURPOSE, your dream client's DESIRES, and your STANDOUT brand message.

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Stand out from the sea of sameness.

Grab my FREE Web Foundations Workbook to craft a strong (and essential) foundation for your standout website, including: nailing down your site goals, empathizing with your ideal client, and formulating your underlying brand message.

 I've been published on the Being Boss blog, the Freelance to Freedom Project, The Rising Tide Society, and featured as one of the top 100 websites by One Woman Shop.