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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Learn to WRITE, DESIGN, + BUILD a sales page in 3 weeks that can make you money on demand for years...


You have the heart, the skills, and the know-how to make a difference in this world.

You do quality work for your clients (when you get them). But you started this side business to give you MORE free time and MORE disposable income (so why do you often have less of both??).

Even though you KNOW, logically, that selling services is the fastest path to cash, it can feel anything but sometimes. And, you find that you get “booked out” (aka that you’re at max-capacity) with only 1-2 clients. Because you’re working all day at a J-O-B and coming home to client work feels overwhelming (especially when all you have energy for is a Netflix binge, am I right?).

It can feel like the ONLY answer is to:

  • Somehow build a large enough audience so that you can sell premium courses and forget about client work. But no matter how many courses you take or how many growth tactics you try, your list size continues to grow, stubbornly, at 0.5% per month.
  • Quit your day job so that you have the time/energy/capacity to work with enough clients to make a living. But ugh… is that just replacing 1 boss for 20??
  • Or find that elusive, magical-unicorn balance between selling products and services that allows both sustainable income and free-time in your schedule. But this could literally take years to get right!!!
  • Throw your hands into the hair (lamenting your frustrations to the gods), throw in the towel (accepting that this life is only possible in fantasies), or just throw up from the stress of it all.

If you’re being honest, this hamster wheel of hustling downright sucks.

You’re tired of getting sucked into clickbaity websites that tell you the answer is their “never-before-seen” set of “tried-and-tested” marketing tactics (and all you have to do to get THE answer to 6-figure success is to “invest” $997!). #ThanksButNoThanks #SmarterNow

TRUTH BOMB: there is no one-size fits all marketing scheme that will get you to 6-figure success.

It’s time to ditch those giant all-encompassing courses that we’re all drawn to like mosquitos to a blue zappy light.

I know, because I’ve been there (I still go back there sometimes). And I’m here to help.


This ish is hard.

We’re doing the unconventional. We’re rowing out into uncharted waters and hoping not to get eaten by sharks. And it’s easy to feel afraid, alone, and adrift.

So it makes sense that we get overwhelmed and cling to life rafts, rather than to row confidently to that beautiful beach in the distance. Because, what if we don’t make it? What if we drown? And those are valid fears. Failure is a possibility.

But it’s also possible that we DO make it and that this effort makes us that much stronger. And, what’s for sure is, if we stay here clinging to this life raft, we will starve to death (if we’re not eaten by sharks first).

So, to drop the analogy, my point is: success doesn’t come from staying still. You’ve got to take consistent action, to validate your ideas, create them, test them, and then try again. It’s a continuous cycle of iteration and improvement and moving toward your goals (which will come into clearer focus the closer you get to them).


And there IS a way to quickly attract clients and income without sacrificing your schedule.

(You’ve just got to create the right mini-service 👌, which is what I intend to help you do 🙌 )

So, if any of these scenarios resonate with you...

 Meet Sam, the artist + coach struggling to get clients

If you’re struggling to get clients (because you haven’t quite defined the right packages to attract them).

 Meet Amy, booked out copywriter hoping to make more money and more free time

If you’re already booked out BUT you want to bring in extra income (without sacrificing your schedule).

 Meet Vicky, the multi-passionate creative hoping to test her new service ideas with her audience

Or, if you’re a multi-passionate creative that wants to quickly launch and test a new idea.

...then, I can help!


Because you know what happens when you have a client-attracting mini-service?

  1. You can quickly and easily make an extra $50 - $100 every single day without hours of extra work (if your mini-service is always available to purchase). Or, you can launch it quarterly to make some extra income. The point is, you have the ability (and flexibility) to make money on demand.
  2. You don’t feel pressured to bring on high-ticket clients into your primary packages when your schedule is already full, because you can still get a bump in income without packing your schedule even tighter by offering your mini-service.
  3. You have the skills to take your idea from your dream-vision to reality. And you have the confidence to bust through any lingering tech-phobias and build your damn fine sales page already!

This is totally possible (and it’s much easier than you think). But confidence does not come to you, you must go to it. By taking action, we’re building up our confidence. So promise me something: no more excuses, no more waiting. Let’s do this. Together.



The QuickSell Kit:

a refreshingly alternative course that walks you step-by-step through how to research, write, design, and build a sales page so that you can generate income on demand (without sacrificing your schedule or your soul) in just 3 weeks!

 The QuickSell Kit is your step-by-step course to help you make money on demand for a mini-service offer.
I've actually mapped out 3 'launches' for next year + a re-launch for the resume sites + a bunch of Holiday specials for 2018. It's nothing more than what and when, but all thanks to you. QSK got the creative juices flowing, which led to all these ideas and the motivation to create and make sales.
– Sandra Van Der Lee


  1. ORIENTATION + PREP WORK. The orientation module lays the groundwork for what we'll be covering and has some important prep work for you to do before we get started.

  2. VALIDATE + RESEARCH. Here, I’ll explain my quick method for validating your idea (in less than 5 minutes), I’ll teach the WHY behind my undercover research method (no surveys required). And then I’ll walk you through step-by-step how I validate an idea and do client research. This foundational info is critical and everything else will build on this!

  1. MINI-SERVICE + SALES COPY. Here, I’ll guide you through the 4 necessary parts of an effective mini-service, I’ll also walk you through my exact sales page template, copywriting best practices, AND we’ll go through writing a sales page together.

  2. DESIGN + BUILD IN SQUARESPACE. This is where the magic happens. Once you’ve done the research, defined your offer, and written your copy, the design part is MUCH easier (and building it in Squarespace is a total breeze once you know my method).


Each module is divided into 3 parts:



Where we cover everything you’ll need to know before diving into the action steps.



This is where the WORK happens. In these screencast tutorials, I’ll walk you through each step.



Within the course platform using Disqus discussion box where I'll answer your weekly Q's.


Additional Course Materials

  1. Moodboard Template (Sketch file)
  2. Moodboard Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

  3. Client Empathy Map Worksheet (PDF)

  4. Copy-Stalking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

  5. Mini-Service Package Plan (Google Doc)

  6. Features-to-Benefits Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)
  1. Sales Page Copy Template (Google Doc)-$497 value
  2. Final Sales Page Checklist (PDF)

  3. Bonus Resources Guide (PDF)

  4. Sales Page Design Template (Sketch file)

  5. 3-Email Launch Series Swipe (Google Doc)–$147 value

She’s a website magic maker…
— Regina
...transparent and honest and altruistically helpful…
— Celeste
I’m sooo grateful for the video walk-throughs…
— Violeta


MY ENTIRE CODE SHOP - You’ll get every Squarespace customization that I currently have for sale in my Code Shop AND every future code snippet that I add to the shop, for life (currently an $83 value, but I’m always adding to it).

SWIPE MY EASY 3-EMAIL LAUNCH - I’ll even be giving you my EXACT 3-series launch sequence so that you can quickly and easily put your mini-service launch on auto-pilot. I’ll go over a few extra ideas for getting clients to your mini-service, too ($97 value).

1 DESIGNER-ON-DEMAND SESSION - If you’re a bit too intimidated by the thought of adding custom code to your site OR if you want to add a sick customization that I don’t currently have in my shop, then this service is for you! I’ll customize your Squarespace site FOR YOU. For example, I can create a badass call-to-action button for your sales page, customize your testimonial quote blocks or something else ($50 value)!

BIG BONUS: Direct access to me via the Voxer app 
This is actually something new that I’m trying to give you more of a 1:1 experience. Because, I will be answering your questions during office hours BUT I also want you to have a safe place to reach me, individually.

So, whether you have a quick (non-technical) question, want to share an exciting idea, or you just need a pep talk then you can leave me a voice message and I’ll get back to you with my bullshit-free, personalized feedback to keep you going ($1100+ value).

LIFETIME ACCESS - You’ll have access to the materials and all updates, for the life of this course! (priceless)


Total Package Value = $1,965+

Here’s how we get started:

  1. You’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can enter any major credit or debit card to complete your enrollment. High-five!

  2. Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your login deets (where to go, how to log in, how to contact me, etc). Ooh la la!

  3. You’ll have immediate access to the Orientation Module and the first Module will drop 3 days after that!

  4. A new module will drip out each week of the course. And I’ll be in there every Friday answering your questions! 

Hey, I'm Meghan. The creator of the QuickSell Kit for service-based creative entrepreneurs.

Who am I?

👋 Hey, I'm Meghan!

I help service-centered creative entrepreneurs like you 😉  get more clients with less hustle through a combination of goal-driven research, empathy-based copywriting, and user-friendly design. 

I’ve enrolled in over 272 courses in pursuit of some mystical knowledge that will help me create an online business that brings me consistent income AND allows me loads of freedom in my everyday schedule. 

I’ve tried the marketing tactics, but I'd rather focus on creating content that is truly valuable to my small-but-incredible group of followers.


What works for me MORE than hustling or marketing tactics, is to create packages that people want and then to present them in a professional way on my website. It’s pretty darn simple, really.

I’ve found that the best way to generate extra income without taking on big client projects (that drain all my free-time) is to offer up targeted, limited-time mini-service packages.

Your walk-through made it look so easy that I decided to stop being a chicken and build my website on my brand domain (so thank you for that). Also, had I not known to create a sales page on an index page in Squarespace, I’d probably be pulling my hair out trying to figure it out so THANK YOU once again.

Be honest with yourself right now.

You’re probably going to spend $99 on another course/program/Amazon-buying spree in the next couple of months, aren’t you? But wouldn’t you rather put that $99 toward something that’s going to give you a quick return-on-investment? Just sayin.

Get started today for only 3 payments of:



Got questions?


Yes, there’s a 14-day refund period. Checkout the refund section of my Terms + Conditions page for full deets. And, fun fact: I've NEVER had a single student request a refund.


If you’re an online business that works with clients, then PROBABLY! (I bet you weren’t expecting that answer). The truth is, this is fantastic for designers, developers, copywriters, business coaches, life coaches, VAs, OBMs, and the like.

BUT… if your website isn’t on Squarespace, then… this may not be the best investment for you. However, if your website IS on Squarespace, then empathically “YES”, this course is for you!


You need Squarespace for your website because that’s the platform we’re building our sales page on. And I recommend an app called Sketch (Mac only) for the design OR a design app that you’re familiar with and can use instead.

If you’re using Wordpress BUT you’ve got an Apple/Mac computer (so that you can use the design app, I recommend called Sketch), then this course would still be incredibly beneficial to you. (You’d just need to follow along with your Wordpress page builder, rather than the Squarespace one that I use in the videos).

If you have a PC (non-Mac) computer you CAN STILL use the Sketch app, but you'll need to download this free app called Lunacy for Windows.


Nope. I don't expect my students to be pro designers (I mean that's why they come to me, right?). And I think the title of the design app I recommend, "Sketch", is misleading because it doesn't require ANY sketching (in fact I'm not great at drawing either). It's just an alternative to using something like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator that I recommend because it's SO EASY to use and it's a one-time cost instead of an on-going subscription.


I honestly don’t know if there is another course like this out there. I’ve taken over 272 of them myself and not found one.


This entire course could be completed in a weekend. So, if you get behind by a couple of days, no big deal. You’ve got lifetime access!


Expect to put in about an hour the first week, 1-2 hours the second week, and 4-6 hours the third week.


YES! You can do 2 monthly payments or 3 monthly payments. Get the 2-pay option here. And the 3-pay option here.


Awesome! Try chatting with me via the that little chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Or, send me an email to