You started this side business to have MORE free time and MORE income...

So why do you often have less of both??

It can feel like the ONLY answer is to:

  • Somehow build a large enough audience so that you can sell premium courses and forget about client work. But no matter how many courses you take or how many growth tactics you try, your list size continues to grow, stubbornly, at 0.5% per month.
  • Quit your day job so that you have the time/energy/capacity to work with enough clients to make a living. But ugh… is that just replacing 1 boss for 20??
  • Or find that elusive, magical-unicorn balance between selling products and services that allows both sustainable income and free-time in your schedule. But this could literally take years to get right!!!
  • Throw your hands into the hair (lamenting your frustrations to the gods), throw in the towel (accepting that this life is only possible in fantasies), or just throw up from the stress of it all. (Don't do this!)


You CAN quickly attract clients + cash without sacrificing your Sundays!

(You’ve just got to create the right mini-service, which is why I'm here 🙌 )

Because you know what happens when you have a client-attracting mini-service?

  1. You can quickly and easily make an extra $50 - $100 every single day without hours of extra work (if your mini-service is always available to purchase). Or, you can launch it quarterly to make some extra income. The point is, you have the ability (and flexibility) to make money on demand.
  2. You don’t feel pressured to bring on high-ticket clients into your primary packages when your schedule is already full, because you can still get a bump in income without packing your schedule even tighter by offering your mini-service.
  3. You have the skills to take your idea from your dream-vision to reality. And you have the confidence to bust through any lingering tech-phobias and build your damn fine sales page already!

This is totally possible (and it’s much easier than you think). That's why I've put together this completely FREE PDF download with my TOP 7 IDEAS for mini-services (or "petite packages") that SELL quickly and easily.


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"I've found it really inspiring and a very practical way of approaching selling a new service."


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