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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Get a client magnet website that sells for you on autopilot.


You want to grow your email list and have a steady stream of clients willing to pay you for your services. The only problem is your website makes you look like an amateur.

Good news: There's a better way to pimp your services without using sleazy tactics.

Whether you want to find out where your website’s leaking clients, how you can differentiate yourself from your competition, or how to use your website to rock your biz goals, I can help.


Ready to own your role as CEO of a legit business with a website that captures & converts?

If you're ready to stop playing small in your biz and to design your website in a way that showcases you as a badass boss, then...

the Launch & Leverage package is for you!

What it accomplishes:

You’ll have a fully responsive, profesh website that attracts & converts more of your dream peeps, plus actual data + validation behind your site, and seamless integrations with all of the apps you use to run your biz. So you’ll be ready to launch that puppy to the world!

What you get:

  • A brand refresh with a new logo design, typography, color palette, and curated photos.
  • A custom designed Squarespace website that shows off your unique zone-of-genius in a way that engages more of your dream clients.
  • User testing (so that you aren't just assuming your website experience is on point, you've got the data to prove it!)
  • 3rd-party app integrations (ya know those sweet apps you use to run your biz, like ConvertKit and Sumo? Well I'll make sure those are smoothly connected to your kickass site!)
  • Squarespace video tutorials (so that you can actually feel confident in making changes to your website yourself without having to hire someone else to do it.)
  • 2 weeks of email support (because sometimes you just need a little extra support.)

Time to completion:

10-12 weeks


and I'll email you when a spot opens!

You've gone the DIY route and built your site in Squarespace but it's a bit amateur and still looks a lot like a template.

If you're looking for someone to come in to WRITE + DESIGN a badass homepage for your Squarespace site to elevate it beyond a template and give it major professionalism, then...

Ready, Set, Home! is the service for you 😉

What it accomplishes:

You’ll have a custom designed Homepage (with COPY!) that looks like your brand (and NOT like a template) so that you can present your business with professionalism + standout from the would-be competition...

I’ll write, design, and build your bespoke Squarespace homepage AND create a custom drag-and-drop template library for you to build out ANY other site pages (I'll even give you access to my exclusive copy templates and recommended page layouts for service-based business owners, like you).

What you get:

  • Your homepage copy written in a way that speaks for your brand and connects with your dream clients.
  • Custom CSS code, as required, to achieve the desired results so that you can differentiate your site from all the other DIY templates.
  • A modular template library that you can duplicate within Squarespace + drag-and-drop to set up the rest of your pages in a quick, easy, and user-friendly way.

  • A bespoke, user-friendly homepage in Squarespace that showcases your expertise and encourages engagement. 
  • Lifetime access to my 'Code Shop' library of Squarespace customization tutorials.
  • PLUS, my exclusive copy templates for your About, Services, Opt-In, and Contact pages!

Time to completion:

  • 3 weeks

How it works:

  1. Click the button below to visit my scheduling page to set up our discovery call and pay a deposit ($499) to lock-in your spot on my calendar.
  2. While you wait for our start date, I'll send you some homework to think about and a virtual coffee to help make it easier ;)
  3. On our Discovery Call, we’ll cover exactly what you're hoping to achieve with your website and the business objectives for this project.
  4. After we chat, if everything sounds good, I'll send you over a contract and an invoice for the remaining amount (payment plans are available).


Act now, price increasing to $1647

Projects are booked 3 months in advance

I am now more than ever super excited to grow my business because Meghan has made it really easy (AND BEAUTIFUL) for me!

Mandy Podlesny, KISS Keto
I have been trying to start my online business for several months (okay more like a year and a half). Between a shitty web design company that wasted several months and money on and fighting and figuring out Wordpress myself plus other tech crap – I’ve been procrastinating on my business, guest blogging and content writing. I wasted all this time, money and have had straight up aversion to my business…. Then I discovered Meghan Hartman [and now] I actually want to start pouring my heart into my content and biz!
— Mandy Podlesny | KISS Keto

Is your website leaking potential clients but you’re not sure why or how to fix it?

If you're feeling scattered or unsure of how exactly your brand can stand out from the competition, then...

the Client Conversions package is for you!

What it accomplishes:

You’ll have clarity around where you’re leaking clients, you’ll get connected to your dream customer and your business objectives, and you’ll get clear on your position in the competitive market. Speaking of which, you’ll get a thorough audit of your positioning and messaging so that you can attract, engage, and convert more of your dream clients.

What you get:

  • 60-min initial Discovery Call
  • Competitive analysis of your top 3 peers (so you can position yourself as a standout brand)
  • Video walk-through with a list of critical conversion points that need some love, design suggestions, + quick win tweaks (to get more engagement)
  • Design + page layout tips.
  • SEO best practices + website optimization

  • Exact copywriting updates and recommended copy for clarifying your messaging
  • A checklist of the step-by-step actions to take (and where)
  • 30-min Follow-up Q+A (this can be scheduled anytime within 30-days of our initial call)

Time to completion:

  • 1 week

How it works:

  1. Click the link below and visit my scheduling page where you’ll book our initial Discovery Call and complete payment.
  2. You’ll have at least 72 hours to fill out your homework (the Web Foundations Workbook) and send it to me before we meet.
  3. On our Discovery Call, we’ll go deeper into your answers to uncover your brand message and business objectives for this project.
  4. Then I’ll go to work on everything listed in the “What you get” section.
  5. Within 5 business days, I’ll send you an email with a link to your video walkthrough and PDF guide (which you can download and keep forever).
  6. From that time, my inbox will be open to you for 1 week to ask any questions.
  7. Then, within 30 days from our 1st meeting, you can schedule a follow-up (optional) Q+A call to get additional feedback and support!


Click the button above to schedule your appointment directly!


About the process...


Wanna see an example of my work? Just click this image to view the full page.

This is content-first, goal-driven design

Unlike many other designers that start with “branding” (doing colors, fonts, and other aesthetic choices), I always start with the copy. I use a content-first approach to design because my number one priority when designing a website isn’t the looks, it’s the user experience.

By crafting a delightful experience for your users (or visitors, readers, audience, etc.), you’ll not only keep them coming back, but you’ll position yourself as someone that’s credible (showcasing your badass skillset) and crave-worthy (making your users feel compelled to sign up for your list).