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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

You're the expert. Don't let your website look amateur.


Be honest. Is your current website working for you?

Not exactly, right?
And that’s because your website doesn’t:

  • Look you. (It looks like everyone else.)
  • Look now. (It looks like 3 years ago.)
  • Look legit. (It looks less-than-credible.)

Don’t worry! This is totally normal AND totally solvable.


That’s what we take care of in my signature service The WWW™. 

At the foundation of any standout website with staying-power is: audience + market research.

And that's the first step in my complete done-for-you website package, The WWW™. I use the insights uncovered from my sleuthing, to write copy that makes your clients think you’re a mind reader. And I do all this BEFORE designing and developing your completely custom user-friendly website. 

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Other web designers only do design (and maybe development), which means you’ve got to do ALL of that foundational work YOURSELF (or hire a researcher and copywriter) to get the same results.


By getting clear on your overall business strategy before the design begins, we're able to intentionally design a website experience that skyrockets your credibility and attracts your dream clients

Ready to step into your creative genius and showcase it on your site? I thought so ;)

Own your expertise, promote yourself with confidence, AND attract more high-quality clients.

Let's get started.

Pick your path to website liberation:

There are three ways we can work together: the words, the website, or the whole package.

 The WWW Website Package: Connecting the dots between the Ws

Website Words

I know my brand, but I need help writing the words that compel more sign-ups.

Website Design

I’ve got the words + wisdom on lock. Now I’m ready to craft a user-friendly website.

Whole Package

I need the WHOLE package: copywriting, design, and brand strategy.

Because the quality of your website determines the rate you can comfortably charge for your services.

Ready to raise your rates and attract more VIP clients?

Then find out more about The WWW: 

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 Kathleen Rass of
My consult calls are now more streamlined and convert quicker (typical conversion time with my previous process was 5 to 8 days, and the last few projects I’ve booked after referencing the website have closed in 1 to 3 days).
— Kathleen Rass, Launch Strategist |

The Websight™

Craft a website that automatically attracts + converts more of your dream clients without hustling. So that you're able to effortlessly command a higher rate for your services + kiss those imposter feels sayonara.

What it is:

  1. A complete website (re)design in including a new logo (if desired), refreshed color palette, custom photo curation, integration with your email service provider and payment processor of choice, PLUS custom code development.

Who it's perfect for:

  1. You thoroughly understand your clients, your competition, and your unique characteristics as a brand (aka USP). You've also got solid messaging and copy that reflect this. So, now you're ready for a complete website (re)design to level-up your business presence.

packages book 90 days in advance


The Words

Get STANDOUT copy for your website that helps more of your ideal clients to connect with you (and not the other guy) by having a conversation that makes them feel like they're in the right place and compels them to click.

What it is:

  1. Conversion-focused copywriting for up to 5 pages (Home, About, Services Overview, Contact, and a Sales or Landing page) that connects with your ideal client in a way that sets you apart and makes you the obvious choice for the right people.

Who this is best for:

  1. You thoroughly understand your clients, your competition, and your unique characteristics as a brand. Now you're ready for messaging + copy that communicate to your ideal client effectively. This may be in preparation for a full site redesign or as a standalone copy service.

packages book 60 days in advance


About the process...

This is content-first, goal-driven design

Unlike many other designers that start with “branding” (doing colors, fonts, and other aesthetic choices), I always start with the copy. I use a content-first approach to design because my number one priority when designing a website isn’t the looks, it’s the user experience.

By crafting a delightful experience for your users (or visitors, readers, audience, etc.), you’ll not only keep them coming back, but you’ll position yourself as someone that’s credible (showcasing your badass skillset) and crave-worthy (making your users feel compelled to sign up for your list).

Phase 1: Exploration

Each WWW™ project starts with The WiseUp: a week of research + strategy. We'll get clear on your business objectives and your dream client's desires. Then I'll do a competitive analysis of your top 3 competitors to see how you can differentiate yourself through your messaging. We'll end this stage with a super clear positioning statement (which I call a Brand Contrast Statement).

Phase 3: Experience

Once I've given form + flow to your words, the next step is to layout your Websight and create the brand visuals. I'll add in your brand colors, graphics, photography, and icons to the website pages. In this phase I'll create and deliver the design mockups of your five chosen website pages. And, I'll often do user testing in this stage to make data-driven design decisions.

Phase 2: Engagement

The next phase is all about giving voice to your mission + message in The Words. I'll blend your personal brand with your ideal client's needs and desires to craft conversion-focused copy for all 5 of your primary website pages. The emphasis here is on connecting with your website visitors using conversational copy that coaxes them toward taking focused next steps.

Phase 4: Evolution

The last phase is about bring your new Websight to life – meaning I'll build out a fully-responsive custom website and seamlessly integrate any third-party apps that you need for your business. You'll have the option of ongoing assistance with testing or tweaking your site. But I'll make sure that you feel comfy monitoring + maintaining things on your own.


Get a standout website that allows you to double your rates and get booked out with high-quality clients.

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