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Strategic Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

You've got 2 choices: raise your rates or burn out.

You're getting clients but you can't keep working with them at these rates without feeling that burn.

But your website is a brick ceiling on your income growth goal. It looks + feels amateur. And you don't have the design know-how or website expertise to make it happen (or, frankly, the time to do it all yourself).

Liberate yourself from the hustle + grind of undercharging and overdelivering.

The WWW™

Connecting the Dots Between the Ws

Craft a cohesive, high-caliber site that attracts quality clients so that you can work less, charge more, and feel good about it.

The WWW is an 8-week complete website (re)design package composed of 3 parts:

 The WWW Website Package: Connecting the dots between the Ws

The WiseUp™

Strategy PLUS my signature blend of undercover client research, a competitive audit, and a “Contrast Statement” that defines your brand USP (unique selling proposition).

The Words

Conversion-focused copy for up to 5 pages that connects with your ideal client in a way that sets you apart and makes you the obvious choice for the right people.

The Websight™

Complete website (re)design including a branding refresh, photo curation, integration with your email service provider + payment processor of choice, AND custom code development.

Meghan did an AMAZING job crafting a one-of-a-kind site that feels SO me.
— Jenny Karlsson, Financial Coach

After The WWW™ you can:


Raise your rates

You can confidently offer $10k packages without having a panic attack because your words + website showcase your expertise + effectiveness.

Get quality clients

Clients come to you primed and ready-to-buy so you don't have to sell them on a free "discovery call" (it becomes about WHICH option they want, not IF they want to work with you).

Attract brand buzz

You have a cohesive website that effortlessly attracts both high-caliber clients AND buzz around your brand (think interviews, shout-outs, + collab requests). 


Spend less time:

  • Networking and marketing yourself to get referrals
  • Working with clients at rates that don't support your business growth and leave you feeling burnt out
  • Slaving away in front of your laptop to finish up that one more client request

Enjoy more time:

  1. Doing the work that lights you up
  2. Working collaboratively with clients that rave about your talents
  3. Enjoying the outside world IRL (cue long walks in the sunshine and quality Kindle time reading all the non-biz books on your wishlist)
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starting at 6850

Get on the First Dibs list:

packages book 3-6 months in advance

Take your website from DIY to dramatically different.

By establishing your standout site now, you:

  1. Receive random emails and DMs complimenting you on how awesome your website experience is. 
  2. Have the confidence to finally raise your rates (and the quality website to back it up). 
  3. Find yourself booked out with very little effort (and with clients that are an absolute pleasure to work with).
  • No longer “hustle your ass off” to get clients + recognition because they come to you.
  • Reduce the hours spent on discovery calls for people that aren't ready or able to work with you at your rate.
  • Stop banging your head against the keyboard trying to improve every OTHER aspect of your marketing (because you really just needed to deal with your website).

Results Typical

My clients typically get results like these within 30 days:


2x Your Traffic

100% INCREASE in returning visitor traffic, organic traffic, and page views on your website.

Buh-Bye Bounce!

Significant decrease in bounce rate (mine hovers around 50%, which is pretty awesome).

Hellooo Clients ;)

Signing on prospects 3x-4x faster AND having clients find you via Google and book directly.

“My consult calls convert quicker (typical conversion time with my previous process was 5-8 days, and the last few projects I’ve booked after referencing the website have closed in 1-3 days).”
– Kathleen Rass, Launch Strategist

starting at 6850

Get on the First Dibs list:

packages book 3-6 months in advance

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What happens next:

1. Click any of the buttons on this page to complete the brief project application.

2. I'll review your application and get back to you within 48 hours with a link to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

3. In our discovery call, we'll talk about your high-level business goals, your website, and get to the nitty gritty of what you actually need.

4. After our call, if everything sounds good, I'll send over a proposal with my recommended approach + options for us to work together.

5. You'll select your package, pay the deposit, and I'll send over your official welcome packet (+ a little extra gift). Then the behind-the-scenes magic begins ;)


What's included

A custom website (re)design, including:


Audience research

Undercover research in 3-5 unique places + platforms so that you can write copy + messaging in words that your target client actually uses. AND you can easily create offers that sell out.

Competitive audit

Competitive analysis of your top 3 peers so that you can see the GAPS in the market that you fill for your ideal clients AND so that you can easily + effectively position yourself as different!

Brand messaging

Your brand Contrast Statement (aka your unique selling proposition or "USP") that differentiates you from others in your niche and forms the foundation of your website.


Done-for-you copy

Conversion-focused copy for up to 5 web pages (Home, About, Services Overview, Contact, and a Landing page) that connects with your ideal client in a way that sets you apart and makes YOU the obvious choice for them.

Brand vibe + visuals

You get a complete brand refresh here, including a new logo (if desired), a fresh color palette, font pairing, custom curation of photos + icons, AND custom code development to achieve that one-of-a-kind look.

Funnel integrations

Your website isn’t static and so I hook up your money-making integrations with your email service provider, your calendar scheduler, and your payment processor so you have a complete website system.

 The WWW all-in-one website package comes with 3 live 1:1 calls with me, project management in Asana so you can always know the status of your website project, and the result is a truly one-of-a-kind site that looks and sounds like the best version of you so you can raise your rates and fill your waitlist.

Get on the VIP list:

I book spots 3-6 months in advance.


I’m your website secret weapon.

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Who am I?

 Meghan Hartman-Gómez founder of Crafting Creative

I’m not the pixel-pushing designer that you’d hire to make a website that looks like everyone else’s. I help you ditch the website shame by getting clear on your zone of contrast to craft a site that's engineered to capture and convert. Together we cut through the bullshit and get strategic with your site so you can spend more time working with the high-quality clients you love.

I’ve worked with over a dozen creative entrepreneurs to craft websites that increase their client conversions. On top of that, I’ve taught more than 100 students my method of creating user-friendly websites through my online courses. And I can't wait to work with you!


You want a designer that:

  1. “Doesn’t have one of those overly feminine sites with flowery language like, ‘heart-centered entrepreneur’. Those sites are everywhere and I want someone different.”
  2. “Gives it to me straight without the BS.”
  3. “Can design in more than one aesthetic.”
  4. “Can really make a brand message POP and resonate so that when potential clients come to my site they know exactly what I do in a way that either connects with them or repels them right away – but that doesn't leave them feeling unsure or uninterested. I want a ‘HELL, YES!’ or a ‘No, thanks!’ but not a ‘meh’.”

That's what I do ;)


Let's talk bonuses

Two exclusive bonuses I'm offering as part of this package are:

4 weeks of unlimited email support, post-launch, including tutorial videos as needed so that you can feel comfortable with your new site, knowing that I'll support you if anything comes up.

Before-and-After metrics report 30-days after launching your new site so that you can see the tangible results of our work together.

“The before-and-after web analytic data showed double digit improvements in every area: page views, lower bounce rate, more time on site, more visitors and, my fav, organic search is the #1 way visitors were finding me. It still makes me grin to look at it!"
– Tess Blankenship, Outsourcing Consultant

Who is the WWW Perfect for:

This is for women creative entrepreneurs that work with clients. Who have been in business for more than 1 year OR have worked with at least 6 clients (and are clear on your offerings).

  1. You understand that a website is an investment in your business and that a well-crafted website is essential to a successful + sustainable online business.

  2. You value strategic messaging and user-friendliness over trendy designs.

  3. You don’t want a templated site or a site that looks like all the others in your niche. 

  4. You’re not interested in hand-holding someone through the process, you want to invest in an expert that knows her stuff and works well independently.
  5. You’re committed to creating a standout website for your brand and you know that through a collaborative effort, we’ll create something greater than the sum of its parts.

starting at 6850

Get on the VIP list to get first dibs:

packages book 3-6 months in advance

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Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is this right for me?

If you’re an online business that works with clients, then PROBABLY! If you're looking for a professionally designed custom website that's NOT on Wordpress (with both copywriting AND strategy) and you don't want to invest $10k (the approximate cost of hiring a professional website designer and copywriter and brand strategist), then absolutely. This is perfect for you.

What's the difference between The WWW and The Websight packages?

My Websight service is ONLY for business owners that thoroughly understand their clients, competition, and unique characteristics as a brand (aka they’ve nailed their USP). They also have solid gold copy that reflects their brand and they’re ready for a website (re)design to craft that cohesive and captivating digital presence.

So, IF you already have a crystal clear understanding of what makes you a STANDOUT brand and you have compelling copy for every major page of your site, THEN the Websight™ would be the best fit for you.

I have another question.

Awesome! Send me an email to