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Attracting clients on automatic starts with an elevated website. Nail the essentials here 👇

In the free #SummerWebsiteSeries we'll cover:

  1. Conceptualizing a “Rebrand”: what you need to know to craft a clear + cohesive visual identity.

  2. Connecting with Copy: how to create great sales copy when you’re not a copywriter (and why every page is a sales page).

  3. Brand Colors, Fonts, & Photos… “Oh my!”: curating the visual elements that set you apart and show you mean business.

  4. Architecting a Standout Site: learn to craft your website blueprints and layout your pages to encourage more clicks.

When + where this goes down:

  1. We'll meet online for ~30 minutes via Zoom (no need to be "camera ready", you can listen in) every other Tuesday @5pm EST from June 12th through July 24th.

Who this is perfect for:

  1. For service-based online entrepreneurs that want to go from DIY to dramatically different (without spending $10k - $20k hiring professionals). They want to understand how to write, design, and build websites + sales pages in an effective, professional way so that they can grow their businesses with less hustle.


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