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The Validate + Create Workshop has ended.

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Validate + Create Your Pop-up Offer

In this FREE training, you'll learn:

  • How to quickly validate your offer idea (without sending a survey or finding people to interview).
  • How to do "copy-stalking" to find & use your ideal customer's own words to write your sales page.
  • The 4 essential components of a crave-worthy pop-up offer (whether it be a product or a service).
  • The one simple technique for writing & designing effective sales pages (+ building it in Squarespace).
  • And plenty of time for a live Q+A where I'll answer ALL of your questions. Plus an epic giveaway 💖

Damn! This live workshop already happened.

But, don't fret, if you're a part of my email list, you'll get first dibs on any future workshops. (And yes I plan to do another one soon)!




Procrasti-planning: a verb; to get stuck in the cycle of perfectionism or fear that leads to over-planning as a malignant form of procrastination.

There's no amount of taking courses or hiring coaches or networking that will cure procrasti-planning. You have to take action, using the tools of validation + experimentation, to kick this malignant mindset to the curb.